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CORDIAL DJ-RCA0.6G RCA / RCA 60cm verde


RCA / RCA 60cm green

Technically, your DJ setup is at the top: a mixer and high-end turntables, quality monitor speakers, a laptop next gen ... In short, you have nothing to add. You forget an essential component: the cables. And you have not forgotten them for no reason: too discreet, always in the shade and adorned with their natural black dress, one would almost come to pay no attention.
This is where Cordial comes to your rescue and that of your DJ setup: by proposing the new cables CEON specially designed for DJ, the famous cable brand offers both a high-end cable combining a construction to the state-of-the-art technology combining oxygen-free copper conductors, ultradense shielding, CPVC sheathing and professional

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- Cable dual RCA / RCA especialmente diseñado para DJ
- Conductores: 2 x 0.22 mm²
- Conectores: RCA, marca Rean por Neutrik
- Excelente flexibilidad para una instalación simplificada
- Escudo de cobre espiral muy denso
- 99,99% de conductores de cobre sin oxígeno
- Funda: CPVC
- Longitud: 60 cm
- Color: verde neón