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  • Acoustic Drums

    Our selection of acoustic drums includes the biggest names and the best in drum kits and percussion such as Pearl, Ludwig, Mapex, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. The entire range of Remo and Aquarian heads as well as all the accessories for drummers

  • Electronic Drums

    The Electronic Drums allow you to have immediately a professional sound without all the necessary microphones but also to be able to play less loudly in the rehearsal room or even to practice at home by playing with headphones.

  • Sticks

    There are many models of drumsticks, mainly in wood, but also in composite materials or aluminum. It will take time for a drummer to find the drumsticks that suit him and generally he will not change them afterwards 

  • Cymbals

    There is no drum kit without the essential Hi-Hat also called hi-hat but there are also splashes, crash, ride, china, bell, and effect cymbals. Cymbals are very important for a drummer in any style of music.

  • Cymbal Accessories

    There are many accessories for your cymbals! There are covers to protect them during transport as well as mutes and felts and butterflies.

  • Bass Drum Pedals

    Drum pedals, whether single or double, are an important choice because of their sturdiness and the different settings available to facilitate your playing. 

  • Drum Hardware

    Drum hardware for acoustic or electronic drums includes snare stands, cymbal stands, hi-hat pedals, tomtom stands, complete packs including stands and one or two bass drum pedals and sometimes even the drummer's seat.

  • Drum Thrones

    whether you bought an electronic drum set or an acoustic one, you will need a seat. It is a very important element for your playing position and for your comfort. The choice is wide, drummers often have two or three different models depending on the place and style of music and the duration of the concert

  • Drums Bags and Cases

    Whether you have purchased an electronic drum set or an acoustic drum set, you will need cases or flight cases to transport it. This is a very important element for the life of your drum set. The choice is wide and you will find these cases in all sizes existing for drum kits

  • Percussion

    The world of percussion is very vast there are all kinds of musical instruments with percussion depending on the country it exists since the dawn of time some are still used in current music and others in folk music or ethnic

  • Drum Heads

    An acoustic drumhead is a membrane stretched over a metal or wooden circle called a drum. The skin is usually made of synthetic material or animal skin, such as goat or beef. Drumheads are stretched to produce a different resonance and sound depending on the tension of the skin and where it is struck. Drumheads are an essential part of acoustic drums and are used in many different styles of music, from rock to jazz to classical.

  • Orchestra Drum-Heads

    A classical orchestra percussion skin is a membrane used to produce percussion sounds in a classical orchestra. There are several types of percussion heads, each with distinct sound characteristics.
    The quality of the skin and the way it is processed affects the sound quality of the drum. Higher quality skins produce a richer, more complex sound, while lower quality skins can produce a weaker, flatter sound.

  • Marching Band Drum-Heads

    Marching band percussion skins are skins used for percussion instruments in marching bands. These instruments often include drums, snare drums, bass drums.
    Marching band percussion skins are designed to withstand outdoor conditions such as rain, wind and heat and must be regularly maintained and replaced to ensure optimal sound quality.

  • Percussion Drum-heads

    Percussion instrument skins are membranes or sheets of materials such as animal skin, plastic, nylon, leather, etc., that are used to cover the surfaces of percussion instruments such as drums, congas, bongos, djembes, timpani, tambourines, etc. These skins produce different sounds depending on their tension, thickness and material, and are adjusted to obtain specific tones. They are essential for producing clear, precise and controllable sounds on these percussion instruments.

  • Marching and Military

    Parade drums are a traditional set of percussion instruments played in groups at parades, carnivals, cultural or sporting events, and other festive occasions. They usually consist of drums, cymbals, bass drums, tambourines, clappers, triangles, xylophones and other percussion instruments, depending on regional traditions and musical styles. Parade drummers often play an important role in animating crowds and creating a festive atmosphere at events.

  • Marching Cymbals

    Band cymbals are a type of cymbal specifically designed for use in marching band or marching music performances. They are generally smaller than standard drum cymbals and have a brighter, shorter sound. Band cymbals can be used to set the pace, accentuate highlights, or add color and texture to a musical performance. They are often used in marching bands, military bands, percussion ensembles, street bands and similar groups.

  • Orchestral Percussion

    Classical orchestral percussion is a set of percussion instruments used in Western classical music to add rhythmic and melodic textures to a musical composition. Common percussion instruments used in a classical orchestra include timpani, cymbals, bass drum, drums, tambourines, triangles, xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones, glockenspiels and celeste. These instruments are often played by specialized percussionists in the orchestra to create a wide range of sounds and textures that enrich classical music.

  • Orchestra Cymbals

    Classical orchestral cymbals are metal percussion instruments used in symphony orchestras to add color and texture to music. They consist of a thin, wide copper alloy disc, usually circular in shape, which is struck with mallets to produce a bright, clear sound. Cymbals are often used to mark tempo changes or dramatic moments in music, and can be played alone or in combination with other percussion instruments. Classical orchestra cymbals can vary in size, weight and thickness, and are often tuned to match the other instruments in the orchestra.

  • Drum Machine

    A drum machine is an electronic instrument designed to create percussion and rhythmic patterns. It allows you to program sequences of drum sounds, percussion and other instruments to produce a rhythm track. Drum machines are widely used in electronic music, hip-hop, rock and other musical genres. They can be integrated into recording studio setups or used live on stage.

  • Drum Pads

    A multi-percussion PAD is an electronic musical instrument designed to simulate various types of percussion, such as drums, cymbals, maracas and others. It is usually equipped with buttons, pads and controllers to adjust sounds, volumes and sound effects. Multi-percussion PADs are used by musicians and music producers to add percussive rhythms and textures to their compositions, as well as to play beats and grooves live.

  • Drums Merchandising

    Drummer merchandising refers to merchandise that is sold to promote and support drummers and bands. This can include t-shirts, hats, custom drum sticks, stickers and posters, as well as instructional DVDs, albums and books. Drummer merchandising is a way for fans to show their support and appreciation for their favorite drummer brand or band.

  • Drum Hardware Parts

    Accessories for drummers can include drum mats, ear muffs, drum mufflers, cymbal stands, tuning keys, electronic release systems, stick grips, carrying cases, seat cushions and tool boxes.

  • Ear Protection

    Hearing protection for drummers are devices designed to protect the ears from hearing damage caused by the loud and repetitive sounds of drums and cymbals. There are different types of hearing protection for drummers, such as earplugs, noise-isolating headphones, noise-cancelling in-ear monitors, etc. These hearing protectors allow drummers to play music at high sound levels without damaging their hearing in the long run.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1674 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 1674 items


For all battery and percussion enthusiasts, we have created a wide range of products. From acoustic drum kits to electronic drums to percussion instruments, parade drums, orchestral drums, drum accessories and hardware. You will also find various snare drums and cymbals as well as sticks and carrying cases. Whatever your sound or style of play, you will find your happiness.


Our drum shop features the biggest names and the best drum and percussion kits such as Pearl, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. Alongside these major manufacturers, you can find our range of drum kits MusicGoodDeal with excellent value for money.