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  • Classical 4/4

    A 4/4 classical guitar is a standard size acoustic guitar, also called a "concert guitar". It is approximately 99 cm in total length and has a tuning fork (vibrating string length) of about 65 cm. It is equipped with six nylon or gut strings and has a wider, flatter neck than a standard acoustic guitar to allow for more precise fingerpicking. It is generally used to play classical music, flamenco, jazz, or traditional Latin American music.

  • Electro-Classical

    An electro-acoustic classical guitar is a traditional classical guitar that has been equipped with a pickup and preamp system, allowing it to be connected to an amplifier or sound system. This allows the guitar to be played at higher volumes and to enjoy a wider variety of sounds using amplification effects.

    These guitars generally have a thinner body than traditional acoustic guitars, making them lighter and more comfortable to play for players who prefer a thinner neck. They may also have steel strings instead of nylon, which gives a brighter and more distinct sound.

    In summary, an electro acoustic classical guitar combines the traditional characteristics of a classical guitar with the ability to play at higher volumes and enjoy a wider variety of sounds through its pickup and preamp system.

  • Guitars for Children

    A junior classical guitar is specially designed for children who are smaller in size and build than adults. It is therefore smaller and lighter than a standard classical guitar.
    It is often made of inferior materials, but this does not mean that it is of poor quality. Children's guitars are usually made of cheaper woods, but they are still strong and durable.
    It has nylon strings, which are softer on a child's fingers than the steel strings of a folk or electric guitar.
    It is ideal for learning the basics of classical guitar and for introducing children to music in general. Children can develop their creativity, coordination and musical sensitivity.
    It can be a good investment for parents who want to encourage their child to learn music, without spending a lot of money on a professional instrument.
    In summary, a classical guitar for juniors is an instrument that is suitable for children, allowing them to discover music in a playful way and to become familiar with the classical guitar.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 64 items
Classical Guitars

A classical guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually made of wood, that is used in classical music. It differs from other types of guitars, such as the acoustic and electric guitar, in that it has a smaller, lighter body, a flat fingerboard and a wider neck. The classical guitar is played with the fingers, rather than a pick, and is used to play a wide variety of musical styles, such as baroque, romantic and contemporary music.