ALTO PROFESSIONAL TS408 TS4 Speakers - 8" bi-amplified 1000W Bluetooth


TS4 Speakers - 8" Bi-Amplified 1000W Bluetooth

Following the tremendous success

of the TS3 series, these new speakers feature increased power ratings of

up to 1250W RMS (for the TS412 and TS415) incorporate an all-new DSP circuitry to achieve high-level sound.

After the resounding success of the TS3 series, Alto Professional continues its momentum by offering a new series of speakers even more powerful, precise and connected: the TS4 series. With its 1000W RMS, its DSP circuit and its embedded Bluetooth module, the TS408 represents the ideal sound solution for all your events.

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any app, as well as a Bluetooth module allowing

audio streaming via a compatible Bluetooth device, linking between two

loudspeakers and controlling the speakers via the free Alto App.


accurate and connected
Just as the TS3s had

set a true new standard by offering top-notch performance

at an exceptional price point, these new TS4s raise the bar even higher

by delivering even more power, with unparalleled accuracy,

while offering advanced connectivity thanks to the onboard Bluetooth module.

Compact, lightweight and designed to

guarantee excellent reliability, the TS4s were designed to be implemented

with ease by bands, venues or DJs.

To meet every need, Alto Professional offers

four distinct models, all equipped with high-quality drivers and a

passive-cooled Class D amplifier system: the TS408

(8'' - 1000W RMS) and TS410 (10'', 1000W RMS), as well as the TS412 (12'',

1250W RMS), and TS415 (15'', 1250W RMS).

Whether you're looking for a powerful

sounding system for vocals or intense bass for your DJ sets in

club, the TS4 speakers offer powerful, accurate, and full sound for all

use scenarios.

Complete control over your sound
The TS4 active speakers put a veritable arsenal of controls and settings at your disposal so

you'll always have control over your sound, no matter what. Each

TS4 benefits from a 3-channel mixing system, consisting of 2 combo

XLR/jack inputs combined with a Mic/Line input selector and a level for each

channel, ideal for microphones as well as instruments or level

line devices.

The third dedicated Bluetooth channel

features a level control knob to fine-tune the volume

of a song's broadcast via a smartphone or other Bluetooth-compatible device

. A PAIR button allows pairing of a compatible Bluetooth device

to the speaker, while Stereo Link will let you pair another

TS4 speaker nearby without the need for cables.

The TS4s also benefit from

three new "Speaker Use" DSP modes to optimize the

acoustic output of the speaker, so you can get great sound on your

live events or during your DJ sets in a snap. If you want to

define a particular EQ yourself, the speaker has a

third "Custom Via App" mode, which allows you to modify

precisely the speaker's EQ across 6 bands by choosing the

frequency to be assigned on each, the "Q" and the gain.

Loudspeakers at the forefront of innovation
The new TS4s have retained the

strong points of their famous TS3 predecessors, while benefiting from

the latest innovations in connectivity and remote control.

With their Bluetooth module

embedded, the TS4s connect easily to a laptop,

smartphone or tablet to stream audio content directly

through the speaker. With True Wireless Stereo technology, you can also

stream audio content to 2 TS4 speakers in perfect stereo, all without


With their DSP system and

integrated Bluetooth module, the TS4s allow you to fine-tune the speaker's final

acoustic rendition with great precision, via DSP mode

"Custom via App" and the free Alto App. Available for Android and iOS,

this app allows for remote control of Bluetooth channel level,

Speaker Use modes, custom 6-band EQ and selection of

subwoofer size. In addition, the True Wireless stereo link can be

remotely configured via the app to save time during


Fiable and versatile
From the high-quality drivers

to the passively cooled Class D amplifiers, every aspect of the

TS4 series has been thought out with an eye toward providing seamless reliability in

any situation. Each speaker features a lightweight chassis with a sleek

black design, with a format that allows it to be used in many

situations: freestanding, in a "foot bath" return, pole-mounted

or suspended thanks to the built-in suspension points.

- Amplification: Active

- Amplified: Yes

- Application: Front, Back

- Bluetooth: Yes

- Category: sound system

- Controls: bluetooth pairing button, Stereo Link button, mic/line switch (1 per channel), input gain (1 per channel), Speaker Use selector, Sub size selector, Bluetooth volume

- DSP: Yes

- Diameter h-p: 8"

- Dimensions (mm): 436 x 256 x 245

- Dispersion (H x V): 90° x 60°

- Inputs: 2 x XLR/jack combo

- Finish: Black

- Cutoff frequency: 2.0 kHz

- Impedance per channel: 2 ohms (LF) / 4 ohms (HF)

- Subbase width: 36 mm

- Media player: Bluetooth

- Mixer: No

- No. of channels: 2 channels

- Pan cut: Yes

- Weight (kg): 9.40 kg

- Max SPL / peak: 130 dB

- Power: 1,000 W

- RMS / peak: 2,000 W

- RMS power: 1,000 W

- Frequency response: 62 Hz - 20 kHz

- SPL max: 127 dB

- Outputs: XLR mix out

- Enclosure structure: polymer molding

- Carrying: 1 handle

- Tweeter: 1"

- Type: active loudspeaker

- Enclosure protection type: Power Limiter, Fuse

- Additional Specs:

- Built-in Bluetooth module: Bluetooth link between speakers (Stereo Link), or pairing with a Bluetooth device for music streaming

- Free Alto app: 6-band speaker EQ control (frequency, Q and gain setting for each point), built-in EQ presets according to context of use, Bluetooth volume control, associated Sub size setting, Stereo Link control between speakers

- 5V/1.2A USB port: charging port for Bluetooth Total or any other mobile device

- Indicators: signal level/limiter/clip LED green/yellow/red, Bluetooth LED (blue), Link LED (orange), DSP preset LED (green), HPF LED (green)