Presonus Eris E8XT


PreSonus Eris E8 xt monitoring

With the Eris E8 XT you are sure to make exceptions mixes by the presence of its new EBM tweeter and its new subwoofer.

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The Eris series benefits from a brand new facelift.

With their smooth and precise frequency response, their powerful amplification with a plethora of headroom and their acoustic space parameters always guaranteeing the best sound ... it is not surprising that the Eris series was a huge success when it was released. The Eris E5 XT and E8 XT are sophisticated updates of an acclaimed classic. A deeper low end and a much more precise tweeter, thanks to the new EBM waveguide, mean that these studio monitors have improved even more!

A much wider dispersion.

The Eris XT are equipped with a brand new elliptical waveguide. The result ? A response in the high frequencies much more precise and a horizontal dispersion of 100 ° to expand the listening point, it is ideal for listening to many! The 60 ° vertical dispersion also reduces reflections that could come from your desk. Silk dome tweeters provide fast and accurate transient reproduction.

Bass that goes even lower.

The custom woven boomer always has the sound signature of the Eris, clear and precise, with a lot of punch and no approximation. The Eris XT monitors have a larger box than their predecessors, allowing them to reach lower frequencies. For example, the Eris E8 XT reaches 35 Hz, 10 Hz less than the previous model!

- 8 "Boomer
- Tweeter 1,25 "(25,4 mm) with EBM waveguide
- Dispersion (H x V): 100 ° (H) x 60 ° (V)
- 140W in class A / B biamplification
- XLR stereo inputs / balanced 1/4 "jack and unbalanced Rca
- Peak SPL (1 meter): 105 dB
- Frequency response: 35 Hz - 22 kHz