Focusrite Pro Red 16Line


Red - Thunderbolt3 / HD 64x64 interface

The Red 16Line Has Both DigiLink And Thunderbolt Connectors, It's Now Easier Than Ever To Switch From Pro Tools | HD to a native audio / MIDI sequencer, without having to reconfigure the optional interface cards. Like all Red Series interfaces, the 16Line offers exceptional latency levels.

The high-performance audio converters offer a dynamic range of 118 dB at the input and 121 dB at the output. They have been specially calibrated to provide the best balance of sound quality, dynamics and conversion latency.

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Absolute refinement.

For more than 35 years, Focusrite has offered the best of analog, thanks in particular to its preamps acclaimed in all international studios. With 121 dB of dynamic range, the converters are in line with the brand's references. A sign of Focusrite's demand level - and in order to significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range - DACs are doubled on each output.
Comfortable in all configurations ...

The Red 16Line interfaces primarily as a Mini-DigiLink to drive a Pro Tools system | HD / HDX and Thunderbolt 3 to run all native DAWs on the market (Logic Pro, Cubase, Live, etc.). As such, it is quite easy, and convenient !, to switch between these two entities. An extension to the world of the Dante network, for 32 additional inputs / outputs, brings the total number of channels of this interface to 64 inputs / outputs, in other words, 128 channels at 44.1 kHz!
… And with everything else.

The rear panel is full of ad hoc connectors; 16 analog inputs and outputs via DB-25 connectors, two XLR microphone inputs, a pair of TRS outputs for monitors, S / PDIF inputs / outputs, 16 optical input / output channels distributed over 4 ADAT sockets. But also, Word Clock and Loop Sync I / O on BNC and a pair of Ethernet ports for Dante. Just that…
12 months with McDSP All Access HD.

The Red 16Line automatically receives, once registered on the Focusrite site, a free 12-month subscription to the All Access HD software bundle from publisher McDSP (valued at $ 499). All Access HD offers a top-notch processing package with an incredible array of slices, compressors, limiters, EQs, tape magnet simulators, and more. (in Mac / PC formats: native AAX, AAX DSP, AU, VST2 and VST3).

- Max resolution: 24-bits

- Category: others

- Digital input type: S / PDIF, Adat, Dante

- Format: rack

- Digital output type: S / PDIF, Adat, Dante

- Software provided: Focusrite Red 2 & 3 Plug-in Suite bundle, Softube Time & Tone bundle

- Interfacing: Thunderbolt, ProTools HD

- Power supply

- Compatibility: PC, Mac

- Dimensions (mm): 44 x 483 x 340

- MIDI interface: No

- Wordclock: Yes

- Phantom power: Yes

- Weight (kg): 5.14 kg

- Sampling frequency: 192 kHz

- Number of entries: 64

- Number of outputs: 64

- Number of microphone inputs: 2

- Number of instrument inputs: 2

- Number of digital inputs: 48

- Number of digital outputs: 48

- Number of analog inputs: 16

- Additional specs: - Digilink (Pro Tools | HD), Thunderbolt 3 or Dante interfacing simultaneously without optional card

- High performance audio conversion with over 118 dB AD dynamic range and 121 dB DA dynamic range

- Ultra-low round-trip latency for monitoring plugins and recording virtual instruments in real time

- Air mode on the preamps, giving recordings the clarity of a transformer-based ISA

- 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports

- Double Dante card

- 3 Lcd screens for very precise level measurement

- Focusrite Control software mixer for monitoring and routing setups, with remote control of preamps

- 2 discrete high fidelity outputs

- Connect multiple digital sources using Wordclock and LoopSunc I / O