FET Guitar Boost Pedal - 2 Modes

The Lacerate Boost mini pedal is practical and clever, and allows you to boost your sound in volume or character. It is designed around a circuit chaining two FET transistors that approximate the sounds of tube amps.

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With its 2 modes Clean and Crank accessible directly via the footswitch, the Lacerate will easily bring out your sound from the mix as well as your solos! It can boost your signal up to +35 dB, where most boosts stop at only +20 dB. This two-in-one boost will work in symbiosis with your overdrive / distortion pedals, whether it's placed in front of or after your favorite effects.

The Lacerate offers some very interesting features. Firstly, these 2 modes (Clean and Crank) for a simple transparent volume boost without coloring your sound, or a saturated and warm boost coming to color nicely your signal of harmonics (the mode change is accessible by pressing more than 1 second on the footswitch). Also, an internal voltage converter allows to transform the signal from 9V to 18V in order to produce a better dynamic in the game and especially more headroom, getting even closer to a more harmonic sound of a tube amp. Finally, the Lacerate Boost offers the option to process your signal with a True Bypass to keep the signal intact, or to activate a Buffer for better sound processing if you multiply the effect pedals, to avoid signal loss. To choose, simply hold the footswitch while powering up the pedal and the color of the LED indicates which mode is chosen (red for true bypass / green for buffer bypass). With its simple and musical features, the Lacerate Boost pedal is a powerful and inspiring dual boost concentrated in a mini format!!

- Category: Boost

- Technology: Analog

- Format: Pedal

- Inputs: Instrument jack

- Outputs: Amplifier jack

- Adjustments: volume

- Display: Led

- Power supply: DC 9 V

- Switch: On/Off

- Dimensions (mm): 94 x 51 x 53

- Weight (kg): 174 g

- True bypass: No

- Power supply included: No

- No. of effects: 1

- Additional specs: - Boost clear or saturated to increase volume or color your sound in harmonics

- 2-stage FET transistor circuit reproducing tube amp tones

- Signal boost up to +35 dB

- 2 boost modes: clean and crank

- Adjustment: volume

- True bypass or Buffer

- Internal voltage conversion from 9V to 18V for more headroom and dynamics

- Power supply (not included): mains 9V DC negative centre