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It offers many input/output extensions to meet most needs, with some of dLive's advanced plugins as options. All this in a very robust but lightweight metal chassis.

If you're a user looking for a powerful and compact tool or a provider already equipped with Allen&Heath input/output extensions, the Slink bus of the Avantis is totally flexible, allowing you to connect a multitude of combinations of brand name stageboxes.

The XCVI Audio Core provides phase coherence on all the console's output buses, whatever the routing chosen. For example, parallel compression is added in phase with the direct routing of the same sources without any special manipulation. In addition, this elitist audio engine performs the summations in fixed 96bit, which means that nothing is lost in the resolution and therefore the dynamics of each source in the final mix. The other particularly interesting point is the ultra short latency of 0.7ms, especially since it is fixed regardless of the routing used and whether processing is engaged or not.

Advanced - 64 channel digital console - 42 busses

- 64 channels mixable to 42 busses

- 96kHz XCVI FPGA Audio Core with ultra short latency of 0.7ms

- Fully configurable bus architecture.

- Easily transportable exoskeleton metal chassis, light but very robust

- Intuitive and instantaneous handling thanks to the user interface which provides a very smooth continuity between the 2 touch screens and the physical controls.

- The optional dPack plugin bundle provides part of the dLive processing: 16 Dyn8 dynamics processors, library of DEEP compressors per channel with no latency and Dual-Stage Valve tube preamp emulations

- 12 RackExtraFX effects slots and 12 dedicated effects returns (does not consume input channels)

- 16 DCA

- 2 15.6" full HD capacitive touchscreens.

- Automatic mixing of up to 64 AMM microphones with 1 to 4 mixes.

- Dynamically assignable controls

- 144 assignable faders (6 layers of 24 faders) with optional Master section.

- SLink port for connection of AR/AB/DX/GX/ME input/output expansion slots

- 12 local XLR mic/line inputs, 12 local XLR line outputs

- 1 stereo AES local input and 2 stereo AES local outputs

- 2 expansion slots of 128 channels of input/output for optional Dante cards, MADI, WAVES, GigaAce

- Assignable rotary controllers

- 24 assignable SoftKeys

- Bargraphs with overmodulation detection and different signal measuring points

- WAV stereo recording/playback on USB

- BNC Wordclock

- The AVANTIS-PACK bundle is composed :

- 1x Avantis console (SAH AVANTIS)

- 1x dPack plug-in pack (SAH AVANTIS-DPACK)

- 1x Cover for Avantis (AP12151)