Rane DJ MP2015


The MP2015 is the perfect marriage of a mixer knobs high quality, treatment of ultramodern digital signal and two USB sound cards to 24 channels. The many options of inputs and analog and digital outputs allows to mix vinyl, CD, S / PDIF and USB audio streaming for any type of configuration. Artfully different, wearing an exclusive design with wooden side panels engraved with laser Rane logo, conventional potentiometers aluminum level meters 16 segments and backlit push switches; the MP2015 has 4 channels + a Submix channel in a compact and easy to carry.    A true piece of jewelry, the MP2015 is distinguished by its sound quality, reliability, precision controls and robustness that make it the ultimate reference and audio high-end professional solution for all DJs demanding electronic

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- 4 analog inputs with phono switch, line, S / PDIF

- RCA gold plated for phono (RIAA) or CD (line level)

- Selectable sources on each channel: USB A, USB B, analog input, auxiliary input

- Linkwitz-Riley 3-band linear EQ with a slope of 12dB per octave, kill mode and customizable cut-off filters between 150 Hz / 6.0 kHz or 300Hz / 3.0 kHz (from software included)

- Audio converters 4 Pro delta-sigma from AKM

- Symmetrical audio input converters with FIR filters

- 24-bit output converters with AKM digital filter

- Sampling frequencies: 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz

- Submix channel to group multiple inputs and control the volume, EQ and filter of multiple sources at once. This channel can also be activated as a fifth channel by activating the SUB mode in the Session in section.

- Three-band isolator with 24-octave Linkwitz-Riley filter output and 80-640 Hz Lo-Mid sweeping cutoff frequencies and 1 kHz to 8 kHz Mid-High

- 3 switchable LP, HP or LH filter modes on each channel and Submix channel with octave slope, sweep and resonance frequency setting

- 2 USB ports to connect up to two computers

- Line level auxiliary input assignable to any of the four channels

- XLR / Jack combo microphone input with Mic / Line switch, + 48V phantom power and Duck button (talkover function)

- Balanced XLR main outputs, Booth jack 6.35mm

- Outputs mini 3.5mm jack headphones and 6.35mm jack

- Sending and returning effects FX Flex stereo RCA unbalanced

- Unbalanced RCA Stereo RCA or RCA Session Inputs and Outputs S / PDIF

- Serato DJ + DVS upgrade ready, certified Traktor Scratch, Virtual DJ 8 compatible

- Weight and dimensions: 5.7 kg, 355 x 333 x 83 mm