NUX DUOTIME Stereo delay and looper


Stereo delay and looper

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With the DuoTime, Nux brings you an ultra-compact, accessible and highly musical stereo delay, offering five different types of delay, ranging from old-school analog bucket-style delay to modern digital delay, including an innovative modulating delay and a vintage warm-sounding module to cover all your needs.the Duotime, Nux's fundamental goal is to provide musicians with a complete stereo delay pedal, while maintaining the simplicity inherent in this format. The type of delay can be easily selected via the dedicated 5 position selector, while the overall level of the pedal can be adjusted via the Level knob. Each delay circuit has its own duration and effect repeat setting, the parameters of which are displayed on the OLED display

High quality stereo circuitry

The stereo design of Duotime allows two fully separate delay circuits to create rich and complex ambiences. The two inputs and two outputs available in jack format allow two different sources to be inserted and processed separately. If you are using only one input, both outputs can still be used: Duotime will copy the signal from the input used and have it processed by the second delay circuit, before sending it to the second output. Ideal for guitarists who want to power two amps with two different delays!

Advanced features

In addition to its stereo inputs/outputs, two delay circuits and five built-in delay types, the Duotime features a tap tempo, which can be footswitched via the right footswitch to set the delay time on the fly. The subdivision of each delay can be set via the Time knobs on each circuit. Finally, Duotime features a true looper with up to 40 seconds of stereo loop time, adjustable via the Level control.

- Category: Delay & looper

- Technology: Digital

- Format: Pedal

- Inputs: 2 x jack

- Outputs : 2 x jack

- Settings: Level, Parameter, Repeat (2x), Time (2x)

- Display: OLED display

- Power supply: DC 9 V

- Switch: 2 footswitches

- Dimensions (mm): 105 x 115 x 58

- Weight (kg): 440 g

- Power supply included: No

- No. of effects: 5

- No. of models: 5

- Complementary specs: - True stereo delay 2 circuits with independent controls + looper

- 5 iconic delay motors integrated :Delay: old school Bucket Brigade type, from 40 to 400 ms

- Tap Echo: warm and vintage sound, based on RE-201 tape echo, from 55 to 550 ms

- Digital Delay: based on modern digital delay algorithms with a touch of warmth, from 80 to 1000 ms

- MOD Delay : based on the Ibanez DML algorithm, offers an amazing and beautifully modulated delay with an experimental character, from 20 to 1500 ms

- VERB Delay: based on Nux's Atlantic delay/reverb algorithm, with custom reverb. Offers a 3D type delay, combining a parallel digital delay, a flat type reverb, and several Shimmers filters for atmospheric effects. From 80 to 1000 ms.

- Controls: Level, Delay selector, Time 1 and 2 (controls the subdivision of Tap Tempo), Repeat 1 and 2, Parameter

- Switches: On/Off (Secondary Mode: Looper control), Tap (Secondary Mode: Looper control): toggles BPM/Milliseconds)

- Sampling frequency: 48 kHz

- A/D converters: 32 Bit

- Signal processing: 32 Bit

- Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz at ±1dB

- Maximum input level: 10 dBu/2.8Vrms

- Input impedance: 5 MΩ

- Latency: 1 ms

- Maximum output level: 10 dBu/2.8Vrms

- Output impedance: 1 kΩ

- Dynamic range: 102 dBu

- Power supply: 9VDC (negative center, ACD-006A power supply sold separately)

- Power consumption: less than 150mA