Modular and scalable, the dLive system offers a wide selection of optional cards to adapt the system's functionality to your needs. Continuously evolving and innovating, Allen&Heath offers boards with the latest technologies available, such as WAVES 3 SoundGrid, DANTE and the new FibreACE long range connection.

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The FibreACE digital audio card (M-GOPT) can be installed in the MixRack or Surface of any dLive system. It provides a point-to-point link to another dLive system with 128x128 channels at 96kHz, via network cable or multimode fibre.

It can also be used as a converter, replacing a MixRack to Surface link with fibre optic cable.

- Limiter: No

- Built-in microphone: No

- Location markers: No

- Built-in H-P: No

- Phantom power: No