ALLEN & HEATH SQ-WAVES3 Optional SQ Waves SoundGrid 3 Card

Powered by the revolutionary 96 kHz FPGA XCVI FPGA engine developed by Allen & Heath for its high-end dLive systems, the latest-generation SQ digital consoles have been developed to excel in the most complex situations. They deliver high-resolution 96 kHz sound on 48 inputs and 36 outputs, while providing ultra-low latency below 0.7 ms, making it a perfect console for broadcast or audiovisual applications.

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The 12 stereo mixes -configurable as groups or auxiliaries- make the SQ the perfect companion for personal monitor setups, while the Automatic Microphone Mixer (AMM) takes over in multi-microphone environments.

Equipped with an I / O port capable of hosting DANTE or WAVES cards and inter-compatible with dLive systems, the SQ inherits the famous DEEP plugins from the dLive, the RackExtra effects library and 8 stereo effects engines. stereo with dedicated returns.

Powerful and intuitive, the SQ consoles have all the tools to meet all the requirements, from audio-visual to corporate events and live productions.

XCVI processor at 96 kHz

The SQ is a new generation of console consoles powered by the 96 kHz FPGA "XCVI" processor developed by Allen & Heath. This processor delivers high-resolution sound with unmatched accuracy and ultra low noise, with a latency of less than 0.7 ms. Capable of handling an impressive number of channels and mixes, with effects and DEEP plugins, the SQs ensure consistency of the mix at the highest level.

Expandable up to 48 microphone inputs

The SQs include all the inputs / outputs needed for autonomous operation. Thanks to its SLink smart port, SQs can also be expanded up to 48 microphone inputs in total, via the family of digital stage boxes and 48 kHz (AR2412, AR84 & AB168) and 96 kHz (DX168) expanders, which allows it to offer a flexible and combinable solution for users of other Allen & Heath digital systems. It is also possible to connect an SQ directly to another SQ, or even to a dLive system.

DEEP Ready plugins

The DEEP plugin processing architecture allows users to precisely select shop compressors and preamp emulations based on their style and needs. DEEP plugins can be integrated directly into the input and mix channels of the console, without adding latency or configuration issues.

An incomparable mixing experience

With each new design, the Allen & Heath teams strive to get closer to the ultimate mixing experience. The SQ's dashboard is centered around a 7 "high-resolution capacitive touch screen, flanked by a set of high-adhesion, illuminated rotators to create a combination of visual feedback and intuitive, integrated manual controls. Inputs and mixes can be dragged and dropped on any slice screen, with a customizable name and color to completely create a mixing environment that perfectly reflects the way you work.
Each slice has a chromatic bar graph giving an indication of the level at a glance, thanks to the LEDs with variable brightness and color. The SQs also offer user keys (8 for SQ-5/16 + 4 rotary with dedicated LCD screens for SQ-6) that can be assigned key functions at hand, as well as a Mix button "Channel to all "allowing instant access to all departures of a selected channel.

The ultimate system for intra-ear returns.

With no less than 12 stereo mixes, ultra-low latency, and a parametric and graphic equalizer on each mix, the SQ is the perfect companion for personal feedback setups. Very compact, the SQ are simple to transport, even by plane, and very robust.

Dante Cards, Waves and more

The SQ is the centerpiece of an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications, expanders, audio cards and personal mixers, connecting, adapting and expanding the system's capabilities to your business. SQs are compatible with standard digital audio formats: all that remains is to add a Dante or Waves dedicated digital audio card to the SQ's I / O port to integrate it directly with already installed systems, to offer a digital split between the facade and the returns and much more.

Flexible multitrack recording

The integrated SQ-Drive system makes it easy to perform a stereo or multitrack recording of a concert, directly on a USB stick or an external hard disk. No software is needed, no sound card driver problem and no computer to bring to the concert. The SQ-Drive is also a smart way to manage background music.

The SQ is also a 96 kHz 32x32 audio interface for multitrack recording, playbacks and virtual scale applications. The interface is ASIO and Core Audio compatible, and comes with full DAW and MIDI control capabilities.

Advanced Micro Automatic Mixer (AMM)

The features of the advanced automatic microphone mixer on the SQ make these consoles a natural choice for conferences, round tables or TV sets. The AMM is fully integrated into the console and does not add any latency because the signal is not processed by a DSP or an external plugin.

RackExtra effects

Allen & Heath has a well established reputation for creating emulations of effects that compete with the best plugins, without the hassles associated with them. The SQs feature 8 stereo effects engines and feature the popular RackExtra emulation bank featuring legendary reverbs, gate reverbs, delay and modulation. All effects offer dedicated stereo returns, saving input channels.