Presonus StudioLive 64S


PreSonus StudioLive mixers numerical 64s

The StudioLive 64S is the PreSonus console that lets you get up to 70 channels as inputs. You will love it!

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Four new powerful models.

With four models ranging from 32 to 64 inputs, the PreSonus StudioLive Series III S mixing consoles provide an outstanding mixing experience for the live and the studio. Equipped with the "FLEX DSP Engine" audio engine, these consoles include Fat Channel processing plug-ins, touch-sensitive motor faders and flexible routing options. All models feature 128 channels (64x64) of USB recording, multi-channel recorder on SD card and native AVB network integration. These are the only consoles in this price range to offer all these features!

Find the model that fits your application perfectly.

The StudioLive 64S is the biggest system you can find, with 76 mixing channels, 43 buses, 33 faders and 526 simultaneous effects, twice the size of the other Series III mixers. The StudioLive 32S, 32SX and 32SC each offer 40 mixing channels, 26 buses and 286 processors, but in different chassis. The StudioLive 32S features 32 physical preamps and 33 faders, while the 32SX ships the same 32 physical preamps, but in a more compact format with 25 faders. The 32SC is a 40-channel mixing console with 16 physical preamps and 17 faders.

Native integration of the AVB network protocol.

StudioLive Series III S consoles integrate the AVB network protocol natively, allowing you to connect them to other PreSonus devices to create a powerful and versatile ecosystem. Connect stageboxes or stage enclosures from the NSB (Network Stage Boxes) series, to track inputs and outputs on stage. Add EarMix 16M monitor controllers so that every musician can customize and control their return. In addition, several Series III S consoles can be networked, allowing you to route audio to and from any device on the network, thanks to the flexibility of the digital patch accessible from the console menu as well. only in UC Surface.

A powerful and versatile recorder.

The Series III S consoles incorporate the Capture software which allows you to record on SD card up to 34 tracks simultaneously. You can also record and play 128 channels (64x64) simultaneously by connecting the console via USB 2.0 to a Mac or PC. You can record on any application that supports ASIO or Core Audio, but by using Capture, the session can later be opened in Studio One to fine-tune the mix. Not insignificant, SD card recording can be recalled to use the virtual scale feature.

USB audio interface and control surface.

With 128 (64x64) recording channels via USB, the StudioLive Series III S are not just dedicated live consoles, but also consoles for recording studios. Indeed, the StudioLive Series III S have extensive integration into the Studio One software, Artist version supplied with each console. This integration is reflected by the presence of pre-amp control and Fat Channel processing from the Studio One console. Press the "DAW" button and switch the consoles into the control surface mode. This will allow you to control the Studio One mixer. The StudioLive Series III S is also compatible with MCU (Logic) and HUI (Pro Tools) modes. Note that PreSonus will expand as and when compatibility with other STAN market.

- NEW - 128-channel USB interface (64x64) - the only console on the market to offer this.
- NEW - FLEX FX multi-effects processor with 8 slots to load legendary reverb emulations and delays with 8 dedicated effect buses.
- NEW - Scene Manager, with an organization of scenes in projects.
- NEW - Fat Channel XT on each input channel AND each output bus.
- Portable and versatile digital console for live and studio
- Fully reminder, 32 channels
- 32 mic / line inputs with XMAX preamps.
- 33 motorized faders with sensory touch.
- 32 FlexMixes (Aux, Subgroup, Matrix)
- Native integration of the AVB protocol
- Multitrack recorder on SD card integrated with Virtual Soundcheck
- HD display and metering on each slice
- DAW mode
    ○ Advanced integration in Studio One
    ○ Optimized MCU mode for Logic
    ○ Optimized HUI mode for Pro Tools
- Complete software solution: UC Surface; Capture; Studio One Artist; QMIX-UC
- Weight and dimensions (hxwxw): 16.90 kg - 166 x 584 x 823 mm
- 3 years warranty

Recommended SD cards
- Samsung 32GB 95MB / s PRO Select Micro SDHC Memory Card
- Samsung PRO + 32GB Class 10 U3 UHS-1 SDHC Memory Card
- SanDisk Extreme 32GB MicroSDHC UHS-I Card
- SanDisk Extreme PLUS SDHC UHS-I / U3 32GB Memory Card