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Prime 4 is the most powerful all-in-one DJ solution of the moment. Its Engine Prime technology allows you to mix without computer up to 4 tracks simultaneously. Once at the controls of its XXL touch screen, organizing and playing your music will seem completely intuitive for even more creative performances.

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A tactile screen with insolent dimensions!

The Prime 4 is topped with a beautiful 10-inch multi-touch screen that allows responsiveness worthy of the latest smartphones or tablets for an unprecedented interaction with your music library. Browse your collection, move your tracks and organize your playlists with a classic drag and drop and play your songs with a simple swipe of the finger for an unparalleled tactile experience. In addition, its size XXL allows the display of waveforms of 4 channels and your library simultaneously. Which DJ has never dreamed of such comfort to focus on his audience and his performance?

It's full of energy.

The Prime 4 features 16 velocity-sensitive RGB performance pads. Trigger your hot-cue, remix your songs on the fly, juggle between loop, roll or slice modes for survivable performance! Arrange, triturate and mix several pieces or a capella thanks to the power of the Prime 4 which allows time strech or pitch-shifting with disconcerting quality. The 6-inch, particularly comfortable and responsive platters with reverse function are customizable thanks to their RGB LED lighting, and the central HD display for displaying essential information, logos and other disc pockets.

2 rooms, 2 atmospheres!

Prime 4 is the first of its kind to feature an independent Zone release. Imagine mixing up to 3 tracks on the main dance floor and using the fourth channel available to send a playlist in standalone playback to a second audience for a relaxed, chill out or simply different. In addition, the Prime 4 offers an impressive amount of possibilities to access an equally huge number of music files thanks to its 4 USB ports and its SD card slot, accessible on any channel. So you always have a port available for back-to-back, for example ... For even more security, equip your Prime 4 with an internal hard drive thanks to the SATA connector. Finally, you can easily record live performances on any connected media source, and then share them on your favorite platforms.

A real pro audio and visual effects.

Prime 4 benefits from the 14 internal effects of the DJ Pro X1800 Prime Mixer. These are adjustable with astonishing accuracy using 3 precise potentiometers per channel and an individual oLed display for clear information and quick settings of your parameters. A unique encoder per channel will also allow you to manipulate at will the 4 effects of the Sweep FX section or the high-pass / low-pass filter of formidable efficiency. Finally, for the visual effects afficionados, the StagelinQ connectivity allows a remote management of the light or the visual effects via the Soundswitch, Timecode or Resolume applications, compatible with the Denon DJ protocol. To you the big scenes!

Extraordinary capacities!

Visit the Denon DJ website to download and install Engine Prime, the management software for your PC or Mac music library to prepare your playlists, or to import your collections from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro from Native Instruments or Rekordbox. Export your collections to an external storage device for direct access to your Premium 4. Do you prefer to organize everything from your Prime 4? No problem ! Its multicore processor gives it the power to analyze on the fly and detect information such as beatgrid, BPM, song tone or even the images and metadata inherent to all of your songs, and without computer. Who says better ?

In the tradition of these predecessors!

Prime 4 is no exception to the rule. And you benefit from Denon DJ's 25 years of engineering and manufacturing experience and excellence. With a robust metal construction, the Prime 4 imposes and delivers the legendary pure and precise 24-bit sound that DJs love. A machine to do everything, the Swiss knife for DJ and especially the only solution that offers to this day an autonomous experience to 4 channels, without a computer. Change the codes!

- 4-way standalone DJ system with Engine Prime technology
- 10-inch HD multi-touch screen with adjustable tilt
- Xlr Zone dedicated output to send a different playlist to a second audience
- SATA bay for internal mounting of a 2.5 inch hard disk
- 16 RGB backlit pads with Hot-cue mode, Loop, Roll, Slicer
- Heavy-duty 6-inch metal trays with HD central display and customizable LED outline
- Autoloop wheel and manual buckle section
- Beat Jump, Track Skip, Auto Loop, Beat Grid and Pitch Bend buttons
- Key Lock and Slip mode functions
- 100 mm pitch fader
- Timestrech in real time for extreme tempo changes
- 4 Rca line level inputs including 2 switchable phono
- 2 Xlr microphone inputs with individual controls, Echo and Talkover mode
- Xlr and Rca master output, Xlr booth, 6.35 mm and 3.5 mm headphones
- StagelinQ RJ45 connection for control of lighting and video via compatible software (optional)
- Playback of uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
- Legendary 24-bit audio quality
- 4 USB ports and 1 SD card slot to connect multiple media sources
- 1 USB B port to connect to a PC / Mac
- Cross fader interchangeable by the user
- USB keyboard compatible for searching in your digital libraries
- Coming soon with Serato DJ
- Weight and dimensions: 9.7 kg, 728 x 497 x 104 mm