NUMARK MIXSTREAM-PRO Stand-alone DJ system with Wifi streaming, integrated speakers


Standalone DJ system with Wifi streaming, built-in speakers

The Mixstream Pro is an ultra-complete two-channel standalone DJ console, offering totally new features at this price point.

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Available from 18 February 2022

Availability date: 2022-02-18

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With built-in WiFi, direct access to music via streaming services, support for the Philips Hue smart lighting system, seamless integration with existing DJ collections, as well as Dropbox connectivity and built-in monitor speakers, the Mixstream Pro is the ultimate tool for all DJs, beginner and advanced alike.

An ultra-connected console.
The Mixstream Pro is fully optimized to meet the evolutions of DJing, setting new standards in connectivity and access to music. With built-in Wifi, the Mixstream Pro can access millions of streaming tracks via Beatport Link, Beatsource Link, TIDAL or SoundCloud Go+ platforms, from classics to top 100 to custom playlists, from virtually anywhere. DJs can also sync their entire library or select playlists to Dropbox, and access them easily on Mixstream Pro. Tracks are stored in the Mixstream Pro as they are loaded, ensuring ultra-reliable and stable playback, and guaranteeing uninterrupted performances at every gig or stream.
In addition to its many connected features, the Mixstream Pro

has 2 USB ports and an SD card slot for

external media, giving DJs the ultimate in versatility when it comes to

music selection and management. DJs can

also export their entire library or selected playlists

to USB media or an SD card through the Engine

DJ desktop software, then instantly access their music on the Mixstream Pro.

Unparalleled control over your creativity
With its intuitive interface and 7-inch

high-definition touchscreen, DJs finally have the ability to browse their

library, load their tracks and interact with their music

like never before. Finally unleash all of your DJ abilities with

the full EQ and effects section, designed to ensure the

ultimate mix. The 4 built-in effects (Echo, Flanger, Delay and Phaser),

perfectly synchronized with the beat of the songs, can be

directly triggered via the two

positional performance levers. Let's not forget the large Filter knobs for direct

control over high and low frequencies, which will add a

hint of spice to your mixes and transitions!
Scratch enthusiasts will be pleased to discover the

Smart Scratch function, ideal for scratching in rhythm without interrupting the

song's flow, makes scratching with the large 6-inch

tactile pads easy. The 8 dual-layer performance pads allow

interaction with the 4 available performance modes (Cue, Saved

Loop, Auto Loop, Roll), offering unlimited live mixing possibilities

and ultimate creative freedom.
In addition, with the integration of Engine OS into Mixstream Pro,

DJs enjoy the power and direct access to an ever-expanding set of

advanced, professional-grade features.

A built-in personal monitoring system!
The Mixstream Pro is the first-ever standalone DJ console to feature

high-quality monitoring speakers, with a dedicated volume control

. These speakers, specifically chosen and

parameterized for the Mixstream Pro, generate a rich, full sound making

the Mixstream Pro the most versatile and

easy-to-use standalone DJ system on the market.
This high-quality sound system is ideal for casual listening,

for parties with friends, and for pool parties, for both

professional DJs and aspiring DJs. These built-in speakers are

a convenient solution for practicing, livestreaming, creating

video content, or for personal monitoring when the Mixstream is

connected to a larger sound system.

Incredibly intuitive control of your light systems
To complete this out-of-this-world mixing experience, the Mixstream

Pro uses its built-in WiFi system to wirelessly connect to the

Philips Hue smart light system, to create beat-synced lighting moods

in moments and completely free of charge! Color

changes, automatically generated light shows based on

the beat, and sensational performance modes like

stroboscopes and color variations are all accessible through

Engine Lighting, integrated with Mixstream Pro.
To take advantage of advanced lighting options and

features, DJs can pre-analyze their

music library with SoundSwitch desktop software (subscription or full software purchase required), export

their library to a USB stick, SD card, or Dropbox Cloud,

and fully control DMX light systems using the Mixstream Pro's

tactile display through the addition of Soundswitch's MicroDMX interface to one of the Mixstream Pro's USB ports.

This unprecedented versatility and functionality makes it

easy to provide an immersive lighting experience at

events and concerts, without the need to bring your laptop

or a DMX controller.

- Display: 7 "color touchscreen

- Power: DC 12 V

- Bluetooth Midi: No

- Category: standalone DJ console

- Compatibility: PC, Mac

- Controller: 2 channel faders, Crossfader

- Dimensions (mm): 566 x 284 x 74

- Inputs: microphone

- Playback mobile media: SD card, USB stick

- No. of decks: 2

- No. of faders: 2

- No. of pads: 8

- Backlit pad: Yes

- Weight (kg): 3,68 kg

- Outputs: Rca master, XLR master, minijack headphones, jack headphones

- Storage: SD slot, USB

- Additional specs:

- Built-in WiFi to access streaming services: TIDAL, Beatport LINK, Beatsource LINK, SoundCloud Go+ and Dropbox

- Built-in Engine DJ operating system for computer-free performance

- Built-in speakers with volume control

- Built-in Engine Lighting control for Philips Hue home lighting system and DMX lighting systems

- 7-inch multi-touch high-definition display

- 6-inch capacitive touch trays, with Smart Scratch function

- 4 performance pads on each deck

- 4 dual-layer performance modes on each deck (Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll)

- FX section with 4 effects and 2 performance levers

- Large filter potentiometer on each deck

- Pitch bend buttons and dedicated pitch fader

- Customizable pitch range: 4%, 8%, 10%, 20%, 50%, and 100%

- Dedicated sync, Cue/Stop, and Play/Pause buttons

- 3-band equalization on each deck

- 2 USB ports

- 6.35mm jack microphone input