Scratch marca el regreso de la marca estadounidense Numark en la carrera de los mezcladores para los aficionados del torniquete. ¡Verdaderamente robusto para soportar la resistencia de los rascadores más técnicos, este mezclador para DJ tiene características que bien podrían ponerte celoso por ese nivel de precio! Crossfader innofader para entendidos, 8 pads de rendimiento, una sección de gestión de efectos digna de mesas de alta gama, por no mencionar el software Serato DJ Pro y su paquete de expansión DVS incluido en la caja. ¿Quién dice mejor?

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Cut for performance!
The Numark Scratch Mixer is housed in an all-steel chassis for rugged durability and is equipped with an Innofader crossfader. Popular with the community for its precision, it has curve and cut settings for even greater efficiency. Scratch is the only one of its kind to have 8 performance pads for direct access to the point cue, roll and sampler functions of the Serato DJ Pro software, the leader in DJ mixing software.

A lot of effects on hand
In addition to the filter and equalization 3 bands available on each of the 2 channels, also a formidable efficiency, the Scratch mixer offers 6 shortcut buttons to the most used Serato effects in the discipline. A dry / wet button for adjusting the intensity of the effects and a rocker lever for the activation of these, which are normally found only on high-end tables complete the section.

Aerial audio quality
The back panel of the Scrach hides a rich connection of inputs and outputs whose selection has shown special attention to preserve the audio signal! The 24-bit / 48kHz quality offered by the table and the impressive 108dB signal-to-noise ratio delivered by the Xlr connectors of the main output ensure punchy sound. Two inputs jack and minijack format are available on the front to connect your headsets.

A software package beyond expectations
From DJ memory, never a mixer had proposed such a software package for such a small price. When you unpack the machine, you will have Serato DJ Pro, but also the Expansion DVS package allowing you to mix your digital library from traditional analog turntables and timecoded vinyls. You'll receive more than a 2-month subscription to the SoundSwitch Light Control Software. If that's not enough, Numark adds free access to an exclusive $ 200 Prime Loops sample pack. By the way!

- 2-Way DJ Scratch Mixer for Serato
- Included Serato DJ Pro and DVS license
- Compatible with Serato NoiseMap ™ Control CDs and Vinyls (sold separately)
- InnoFader crossfader with reverse controls (right and left position assignment) and slope (cutoff adjustment)
- 6 software effect direct access buttons with dual activation lever and effect level potentiometer
- 8 performance pads with Cues, Rolls and Samples modes
- 3-band EQ with kill mode
- High-pass / low-pass filter potentiometers
- Dedicated buttons for instant control of loops with secondary navigation function in the library
- RCA phono / line inputs
- Combo XLR / Jack microphone input with level and tone controls
- Signal to noise ratio 108dB
- 24-bit / 48 kHz audio quality
- Balanced XLR master and balanced RCA outputs
- Asymmetric RCA booth output
- 6.35 mm headphone jack and 3.5 mm minijack outputs
- Comes with Prime Loop sample pack ($ 200 value)
- 2 months subscription to SoundSwitch light control software included
- USB 2.0 port
- Weight and dimensions: 2,69 kg, 304 x 245 x 104 mm