Alesis electronic drum strike edit pro spec


Alesis electronic drum electronic drum strike edit pro spec

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Available from 10 July 2020

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The look and feel of an acoustic drum kit

The first Alesis Strike batteries were revolutionary, with a completely new design. The new Strike Pro Special Edition builds on this heritage, especially with its 20-inch bass drum. It looks and behaves like an acoustic drum. When you sit behind the Strike Pro Special Edition, the play and visual feel are basically the same as an acoustic kit. You will feel immediately at ease, without having to get used to it. The Strike Pro Special Edition is solid and robust, without vibration.

New mesh skins!

The Strike Pro Special Edition offers an extraordinary playing experience thanks to the size of the barrels which reminds that of an acoustic. For starters, the Strike Pro Special Edition uses brand new next generation meshed skins, double zone for snare and all toms. Their response is faster, more natural and easier to play. You will fly over these barrels, placing powerful grooves effortlessly!

Powerful cymbals!

The 16 "triple-zone ride, the 14" crash and the 14 "double-zone mobile hi-hat offer spectacular realism: they are covered with a new thick and comfortable rubber that creates the perfect blend between touch, control , rebound and volume. The cymbals offer a large surface for better playability, as well as a very cool "hammered" look. In addition, these cymbals are much quieter than traditional electronic cymbals, perfect for your workouts. late evening when the volume needs to be reduced The new hi-hat, in particular, sets a new electronic standard for its speed of response, its solidity and its astonishing capacity to transmit a subtle and skillful touch.

A new complete module

The Strike Pro module is by far the most versatile and efficient module ever offered by Alesis. Much of the amazing playability and character of this kit is due to the extensive sound library with over 136 custom kits made from over 1900 instruments and 45,000 samples. The module has built-in sampling capacity, a 16 GB external storage card and USB / MIDI connectivity that you can use with your favorite music production software as well as with the powerful Strike Software editor . With this editor, players can assemble their own custom samples into multiple velocity layers, assemble the perfect battery, and then transfer it to the module via USB. All of the functions and controls are incredibly easy to follow thanks to the 4.3 inch color LED screen of the Strike Pro module, which displays all of the player's settings and choices at a glance. It offers unprecedented flexibility and programmability, combined with total control over the condition of the kit.

Characteristics of the Strike Performance module:
- 11cm color LCD screen
- 136 kits, more than 1900 multi-sampled sounds
- Editing software for creating kits / instruments and importing .wav files
- On-board sampler
- 50 accompaniment pieces
- SD card reader for importing .wav files
- SD card 8GO included
- USB / MIDI output
- 20 "mesh bass drum
- Tom 8 "double-zone mesh skin
- Tom 10 "double-zone mesh skin
- Tom 12 "double-zone mesh skin
- Tom 14 "double-zone mesh skin
- 14 "double zone snare with mesh skin
- 16 "triple-zone ride
- 3 14 "double-zone crashes
- Hi-hat 14 "
- New black hardware with golden tie rods
- Latest generation meshed skins for a faster and more natural response
- Chrome rack
- Delivered without hi-hat stand or bass drum pedal