ALESIS CRIMSONIIMESHKITSPED Kit mesh 5 drums Spe Edi - 4 cymbals


Mesh kit 5 drums Spe Edi - 4 cymbals

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As a result, new white patented mesh skins with nice gold pulls, a black and ultra solid tubular rack, double-zone pads with a comfortable diameter (8" for the bass drum and two of the toms, 10" for the bass tom, and 12" for the snare drum), and finally, very realistic cymbals (with the "muffler" function).

Everything for music... yes, but silently!"

Thanks to its new-generation mesh skins, the Crimson II facilitates, above all, the possibility of using a drum kit at home, with the luxury of not disturbing anyone. The module (very easy to use at first) immediately takes the user into the world of creativity, with exceptional quality of sampled sounds, and something to play without ever getting tired of. More than 671 sounds, 54 drum types (with the possibility to create 20 custom kits), 60 songs... As if that wasn't enough, it's possible to import your own samples, and assign them to any zone on the pads.

A compromise not found on the market!

In addition to the many options already present, take advantage of the three strike zones for the ride. All the parameters of this Crimson kit define the basis of a game that flirts with the feeling of an acoustic drum kit. All the technical features offered by this module are of course important, but in the end, it's the pleasure of playing that prevails. To have fun at home, to take your first steps in the studio, or even to perform on a stage... At this price, it could definitely be called Queen Crimson II!"

- Type: digital

- Category: kit

- Inputs: USB

- Outputs: USB, Midi, headphones

- Skin type: mesh

- Weight (kg): 35 kg

- Looper mode: No

- Sequencer: Yes

- No. of drum kits: 74

- No. of pads: 5

- No. of sounds: 671

- No. of cymbals: 4

- Accompaniment songs: 60

- Additional specs: Advance Drum Module

- 74 drum kits (54 factory kits and 20 user kits)

- 671 sounds

- 60 songs

- Built-in metronome

- Real-time recording (5 songs in module memory; up to 99 songs on USB stick)

- Aux output for song playback via CD/MP3 player

- USB/Midi output for virtual instruments

- USB input for loading own samples and songs in .WAV or MP3

- Headphone output

- Mesh pads: double-zone 12" snare drum + 8" bass drum + 2 double-zone 8" toms + double-zone 10 "bass tom

- Rubber pads: 14" triple-zone ride cymbal + 12" hi-hat cymbal + 2 12" crash cymbals with Mute function

- Black 4-leg rack

- Independent double-base snare stand

- Advanced Drum module with 120 backing tracks

- Cables, tuning wrench and AC adapter included

- Comes without bass drum pedal