PEARL EM-53HB e/Hybrid


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When the world's leading drummer spent five long years working hand in hand with the leader in the electronic music industry, great things are sure to happen. The result is called: "e/MERGE", a whole new electronic drumming musical experience like never before.

A bundle of technology and know-how!

E/Merge Module

A drum module is the core of any electronic kit. That's why they are often referred to as "the brains". The MDL-1 e/MERGE module features a pair of ultra-fast multi-core processors, a full spectrum of Pearl acoustic drum samples, and a library filled with international, ethnic, electronic, orchestral and other sounds chosen from KORG's renowned high-definition sample libraries.

The MDL-1's all-new acoustic library was recorded at one of the world's most famous recording studios in historic Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. Current and vintage instruments in a wide variety of sizes were selected and sampled. Immediately, you will hear familiar tones in the style of many of Pearl's iconic artists, specific genres, decades, songs.

PUREtouch Electronic Pad System


The PUREtouch Electronic Pad System is the best combination of the natural feel of an acoustic drum head and the response of an electronic pad. Typically, electronic pad surfaces are either too bouncy or too stiff. You should never compromise on what matters most and nothing matters more than feel. Six layers of material combine to create the most natural feel of any electronic pad available to date.

Each area of the snare reacts like a barrel of an acoustic from the center to the edge of the pad. You can also change the feel by changing the tension of the skin with an adjustment key. If you prefer a tighter feel and tone, simply tighten the head. The positioning of the hoop on the snare and other pads allows for authentic cross stick and rim shots. The 14" diameter of the snare drum makes this feel as natural as any acoustic drum.

Each e/MERGE kit includes a set of PUREtouch electronic cymbals consisting of a three-zone 18" ride (bell, body and rim), a two-zone 15" Crash (body and rim) and a two-zone 14" Hi-Hats (body and rim). The PUREtouch Crash and Ride cymbals have a multi-layered, rubber-wrapped construction with a similar playing feel to acoustic cymbals, but with a slightly softer feel for controlled volume. PUREtouch cymbals have a unique frequency management feature that blends the edge and body sounds in tune with where you hit the cymbal. Most electronic cymbals have a "chocking" feature that mutes the sound directly when you grab the switch on the bottom of the cymbal. With the PUREtouch cymbals' natural mute function, the sound is eliminated and immediately triggers a natural overtone inherent to the mute of real acoustic cymbals. These are the most natural sounding electronic cymbals available today.

The PUREtouch Hi-hats have the same natural feel and response. They use a sensor triggering system that is compatible with virtually any hi-hat stand. The bottom cymbal, meanwhile, provides stability to the while reducing the volume.


For the first time, your choice of sticks will impact the sound of your electronic kit.

You've probably heard of KORG's legendary Wave Drum. The Wave Drum allowed your touch, feel, and the vibrations you created to influence the tone and character of the sounds produced, just like an acoustic instrument. New technological advances have been added so that it can be integrated into an electronic drum set. This is WAVE TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY. Simply put, it allows you to nuance your playing style, and even your choice of sticks can be useful to infinitely color the sound produced.

PUREtouch bass drum pad

The PUREtouch electronic pad system includes two bass drum options that feature a dampening trigger mechanism, designed to maximize a natural feel. The e/TRADITIONAL Setup Kit (EM-53T) includes an electronic bass drum pad and stand designed for portability and player comfort. This sturdy pad accepts both single and double pedals in a self-supporting version. The pad offers a natural feel for quick and easy transport. The e/HYBRID (EM-53HB) kit configuration includes an 18" acoustic bass drum with an internal version of the EM-KCB pedal. Both pad models feature a front-mounted red LED light that can be controlled by the MDL-1 sound module.

- Type: hybrid

- Category: kit

- Inputs: USB, aux, trigger, line

- Outputs: stereo jack

- Skin type: mesh

- Looper mode: No

- Sequencer: No

- No. of pads: 5

- No. of cymbals: 3

- Complementary specs: - EM-14S 14" Puretouch snare pad (triple zone)

- EM-10T 10" Puretouch tom pad

- EM-12T 12" Puretouch tom pad

- EM-14T 14" Puretouch tom pad

- EM-EBP Puretouch bass drum 18"

- EM-14HH 14" Puretouch hi-hat cymbal pad

- EM-15C 15" crash cymbal pad

- EM-18R 18" ride cymbal pad

- EM-MDL1 sound module

- DR-80EM e-Rack System

- CH-830ES x 2 boom cymbal stands

- S-830 snare stand

- TH-70E x 3 tom stands

- PCR-50L clamp module

- USB input

- Outputs: USB type B + Midi

- 3 tom/cymbal inputs

- Aux in

- Bass drum pedal, and seat not included