PEARL e/Merge e/Hybrid


PEARL e / Merge e / Hybrid

Pearl and Korg have teamed up to create a new generation of sensational electronic drums.

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The brain.

The module of an electronic drum is most often the nucleus. The e / Merge MDL-1 features two ultra-fast multi-core processors that handle a huge library of sounds from around the world, ethnic, orchestral, as well as numerous samples of Pearl and Korg high-definition acoustic drums.
An incredible feeling.

The Puretouch system combines the natural feel of an acoustic drum skin with the response of an electronic drum pad. Each area of ​​the snare behaves like an acoustic drum, from the center to the edge of the pad. You can finally express yourself as one on an acoustic drum but without annoying your neighbors! In addition, it is possible to add to the pads a hoop that allows for a cross stick or a rimshot on the snare drum but also on the other pads.

Control your sound.

Hybrid setup includes an 18 "kick drum with internal EM-KCB system - you'll feel every shot with the natural damping system from Pearl and Korg Inspired by the legendary Korg Wave Drum, the e / Merge takes over the Wave Trigger technology that allows you to nuance his style of play, and even his choice of chopsticks can modulate your sound to infinity.

Category: Kit
Type: Hybrid
Number of pads: 5
Number of cymbals: 3
Skin type: Mesh
Sequencer: No
Inputs: Auxiliary, line, trigger, USB
Outputs: Stereo Jack
Looper mode: No

Additional specifications

- EM-14S 14 "Puretouch snare pad (triple zone)
- EM-10T 10 "Puretouch pad tom
- EM-12T 12 "Puretouch pad tom
- EM-14T 14 "Puretouch Tom Pad
- EM-EBP Puretouch bass drum 18 "
- EM-14HH 14 "Puretouch hi-hat cymbal pad
- EM-15C 15 "crash cymbal pad
- EM-18R 18 "wrinkle cymbal pad
- EM-MDL1 sound module
- DR-80EM e-Rack System
- CH-830ES x 2 perch cymbal brackets
- S-830 snare stand
- TH-70E x 3 tom stands
- PCR-50L clamp module
- USB input
- Outputs: USB type B + Midi
- 3 inputs for tom / cymbals
- In the
- Bass drum pedal and seat not included