PEARL EXX1616FC-21 Tom Bass - 16x16" Smokey Chrome


Tom Bass - 16x16" Smokey Chrome

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Available from 03 September 2021

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Since 1982, when it was first produced, thousands of apprentice drummers around the world have had their first experience with this Pearl Export! And the return of this complete configuration signed Pearl, abandoned in 2007 to the great displeasure of impecunious musicians, can only delight young and old. This new edition is enriched with the Demonator bass drum pedal and a pack of Sabian SBR cymbals. The only thing missing is the drummer, not included...

Unprecedented suspensions.

But the novelties don't stop there thanks to new tom suspensions that compete with much more expensive systems. Indeed, the OptiLoc system consists of high-performance rubbers that result in maximum sustain and great resonance in all circumstances. Not to mention that this attachment system adapts to your usual playing position in no time.

Poplar and mahogany.

Wood-wise, Pearl has managed here the feat of relegating to the closet of dwarfism the wooden crate barrels of some low-cost brands in favor of a six-ply combination of poplar and mahogany, an obviously winning combination. A concern for quality found on the various stands, especially those of the snare drum and cymbals equipped with the UniLock system with its formidable efficiency whatever the chosen position.

An attractive set.

And what about the bass drum pedal, the Demonator, which alone justifies the choice of an Export drum kit? A pedal that combines intelligent settings with ease of use with all the desired comfort. Attractive technical characteristics that you will be convinced of once you have tried it in your music shop. Because the sound is really there, warm, precise and, of course, powerful.

- Poplar and mahogany 6-ply drums

- New OptiLoc tom suspensions

- Deep-drawn hoops

- New low-mass Export shells

- SST technology

- Chrome hardware

- 830 accessories and stands: 1 BC-830 mixed cymbal stand, 1 C-830 straight cymbal stand, 1 S-830 snare stand, 1 H-830 hi-hat stand, 2 TH-70I tom stands and 1 Demonator P-930 pedal

- Sabian SBR cymbal pack (14" hi-hat, 16" crash, 20" ride)

- Comes without seat