Akai Professional MPK Mini Plus


Mini keys - 37 mini notes, 8 RGB pads, 8 encoders

Akai Professional is proud to introduce its advanced feature master keyboard, the MPK Mini Plus. This newest member of the MPK Mini family, which has literally revolutionized mobile music creation for producers and beatmakers, retains the qualities of its predecessors while bringing new tools to take production even further.

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Available from 23 December 2022

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Its advanced connectivity allows you to centralize all your favorite studio devices for full hardware integration, in a compact 3-octave form factor.

Complete control in a compact format
In line with the MPK Mini, the MPK Mini Plus retains that compact format so beloved of mobile producers and beatmakers, while offering a host of additional controls, allowing you to drive a wide selection of features.

The 8 velocity-sensitive RGB backlit MPC drum pads found on the MPK Mini Mk3 are the heart of this controller, not only for creating dynamic beats and programming drums, but also for assigning program changes or triggering additional CC parameters. They're paired with eight 360-degree rotary encoders, perfect for setting effects, filters, controlling automation or panning.

For the first time ever on an MPK Mini, enjoy dedicated transport controls that offer full integration with your DAW, eliminating tedious manipulation via your AZERTY keyboard or mouse and staying focused on your creative workflow with dedicated Play, Stock, Record, Loop or Locator buttons.

Excellent playability
As with all MPK Mini's, the creative process starts with the keys. The MPK Mini Plus features a comfortable and dynamic 37-note Gen 2 keyboard, allowing for extensive melodic and harmonic creation. The full 3 octaves offer a more comfortable playing experience for two-handed chords, arpeggiation, soloing or creating sound worlds. The Gen 2 keyboard, technologically similar to the MPK Mini Mk3, features incredibly easy-to-play keys with a wider velocity range, exhibiting top-notch dynamics and note response.

In order to offer even more expressive possibilities, the MPK Mini Plus is equipped with dedicated pitch bend and modulation control wheels to bring all the keyboard's performance to life. Complemented by the iconic red joystick, this comprehensive control interface ensures virtually limitless expressiveness.

Advanced connectivity for standalone operation
The MPK Mini Plus is capable of standalone operation to accompany you in your creative episodes or jam sessions. The all-new built-in polyphonic Step Sequencer is perfect for capturing new ideas on the fly, allowing the recording of drum notes and rhythmic patterns simultaneously to ensure serious standalone music creation sessions. Connect the MPK Mini Plus to any Class Compliant USB device or any device with 5-point MIDI connections, and use the CV/Gate connectors to connect to your rack or modular synths. The MPK Mini Plus is versatile enough for a seasoned musician wanting a master keyboard with multiple capabilities, as well as for professionals who want to get the most out of their studio peripherals.

Delivered with a full Mac and PC compatible software package
The Beats MPC STAN that comes with the MPK Mini Plus, compatible with both Mac and PC, brings the famous MPC workflow to your computer and thousands of sounds, drum samples, loops and virtual instruments to create your next hit. Bring to life the various MPC plugins available on MPC Beats, such as AIR Electric or AIR TubeSynth, or the Mellotron and Hype plugins on your standalone MPC -MPC One, MPC Live 2, MPC-X- with the MPK Mini Plus's Class Compliant USB connectivity!

Even at 3 octaves, the MPK Mini Plus is still compact enough to be easily carried in your backpack alongside all of your everyday music production accessories. It's very simple, adding the MPK Mini Plus to any workflow means creativity and intuitive control for any modern music creation or beatmaking.

- Display: OLED

- Aftertouch: No

- Power: USB

- Arpeggiator: Yes

- Category: Master Keyboard

- Compatibility: PC, Mac

- Controller: Pitchbend, Modulation, Joystick, Transport

- Dimensions (mm): 451 x 180 x 52

- Inputs: Sustain pedal, Midi, Clock 3.5 mm

- Key size: mini

- Software provided: Electric Air Music Tech, MPC Beats, Tubesynth Air Music Tech

- No. of pads: 8

- No. of knobs: 8

- No. of keys: 37

- Backlit pad: Yes

- Weight (kg): 1.26 kg

- Velocity sensitive pads: Yes

- Velocity sensitive: Yes

- Sequencer: Yes

- Outputs: Midi, Clock 3.5 mm, CV Gate: pitch, gate, mod

- Touch: Dynamic

- Transposition: Yes

- Additional Specs:

- Premium 37-note "Gen 2" keyboard offering 3 octaves

- Step Sequencer polyphonic 2-track, 64 step and live, with advanced parameters accessible on keyboard encoders and keys

- Built-in transport controls: Play, Stop, Rec, Loop, Locator

- Scales performance mode to play on the selected scale

- Chords performance mode to play chords via a single press on the keyboard

- Note Repeat and Full Level modes