Novation 61 SL MK3


KEYBOARD MASTERS SL MKIIThe scope of the 61 SL MKIII Novation controller keyboard is simply stratospheric! Imagine interacting on both the software and hardware dimensions, without the slightest limitation and perfect synchronization ...I

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Available from 04 September 2020

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THE ultimate controller.

All synthesizers can connect to the SLMkIII, by Midi or CV. A universality that we find for the software world that can be simultaneously controlled by the SLMKIII while the arpeggiator triggers musical parts or the internal sequencer 8 tracks launches patterns. In this regard, integrating external hardware via sequencer programming has never been easier. Undoubtedly the keystone of the modern studio. The 8 polyphonic voices of this sequencer can record in real time or insert notes "step by step" then play and edit sequences directly from the keyboard. Any control movement is automatized on the fly!

Born to be a Live!

Live is the ideal platform for music production, including electronics. The SLMKIII offers a perfect integration with this software for an extraordinary musical experience. The five oLed screens offer a complete return of parameters for a high-level control. In the same way, hardware and software mapping is of crucial importance. The SLMKIII's ability to customize these parameters from end to end gives you real firepower. The Components software editor provides this flexibility, in addition to giving access to the many functions of this keyboard.

The end of the end.

Scales and keys are automatically "viewable" thanks to the LEDs of each key on the keyboard. It is also possible to configure several zones or "layers" according to the project. The notes played on the sequencer are also visible thanks to the individual key LEDs.

Connected to the world.

The SLMKIII is equipped with all the connectivity needed to make it the cornerstone of any studio: USB, MIDI inputs / outputs, out 2 / thru, 3 pedal inputs, analog clock and 2 outputs CV pitch, gate and mod. Nothing escapes him ...

- 49/61 notes sensitive to velocity, with individual spring, synth style, semi-weighted
- 16 velocity-sensitive backlit RGB color drum pads
- Launch buttons with 2 pages and 2 scenes
- 8 endless encoders
- 8 sliders
- 6 dedicated transport controls
- Pitch Bend and RGB Modulation backlit wheels
- 2 octave buttons / transposition
- 2 track buttons
- 5 RGB TFT screens
- 59 backlit buttons with touch switches
- 49/61 Led RGB Keyboard
- 16 assignable buttons x 2 pages (32 assignable buttons)
- Assignable grid x 2 pages | (32 assignable pads)
- Backlit RGB mode switching buttons, including "InControl"

Rear panel and connections

- Light switch
- DC socket
- USB plug
- MIDI IN, OUT, OUT2 / THRU on 3 DIN 5 pin plugs
- TRS jack inputs for sustain and expression pedals
- TS switching jack input
- CV, Gate, Modulation -1- on 3.5 mm jacks
- CV, Gate, Modulation -2- on 3.5 mm jacks
- Clock
- Kensington Security Port


- 32 sessions
- 8 tracks per session (2 synths and 4 drums)
- 8 patterns per track (Synth 1, Synth 2, Drum 1 & 2, Drum 3 & 4)
- Real time recording (notes, velocity and automations)
- Automatic quantization of step notes and automation with 8 events per step
- All assignable controls can be automated (8 automation lines maximum)
- Internal tempo range 40-240
- External synchronized tempo range 30-300
- Swing 20-80%

Real time performance

- 22 types of scales and chromatic transposition
- Extended pattern view - grid reversal
- Start and end of pattern, random direction
- Pattern configuration string
- Instant session switching and queued switch


- Velocity and Gate by step
- Several gate lengths per step (via real time recording)
- Modification of automation by step
- Not Clear, automation setting by reason, pattern, session
- No Duplicate, pattern


- Ableton Live Lite


- Maximum consumption 9V DC 1000mA
- Power supply included (can not be powered by USB bus)