HEADRUSH PEDALBOARD 12 Switches + 1 Pedal + 7" Touch Screen


12 Switches + 1 Pedal + 7" Touch Screen

Perfect sound, right here, right now.

Equipped with a precisely calibrated quad-core processor, and managed by the exclusive Eleven HD Expanded software, the HeadRush Pedalboard puts amp, speaker, microphone, and effect models at your disposal with sound rendering as realistic as it is versatile.

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Its 7-inch touchscreen lets you drag and drop each item to create and modify custom setups on the fly in an intuitive and realistic way.

In addition, the HeadRush PedalBoard features immediate, lag-free switching between presets while preserving the current reverb or delay, a built-in looper with 20 minutes of recording time, the ability to load impulse response files, and access to an exclusive and original effects store. Whether you're looking for the sound of a classic or vintage tube amplifier, a more ethereal vibe with unmistakably textured effects, or a heavy metal tone, the HeadRush pedalboard will meet all your requirements and allow creative musicians to refine the sound they've always dreamed of, with ease.

7-inch Touchscreen

The heart of the HeadRush pedalboard lies in its 7-inch touchscreen and guitarist-oriented user interface: select, drag or drop each item to quickly create and edit your patches, on the fly while the large display will give you ultra-precise visual feedback that's truly functional on stage.

Express yourself!

With the PedalBoard, you're at the helm of an arsenal of amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and effects, instantly accessible through the many easy-to-assign expression pedal configurations. These, gathered in 2 banks with 4 parameter assignments each, give the HeadRush pedalboard an extraordinary way to enhance your sounds. The HeadRush pedalboard will integrate perfectly with your current equipment thanks to its exhaustive connectivity, allowing you to face all types of situations on stage as well as in the studio. Connections include a 1/4" TRS guitar input, two XLR balanced outputs with ground switch, two switchable 1/4" TRS Amp/Line outputs, a 5-pin Midi input and output, and a stereo send/return for creating switchable loops or integrating your other effects pedals and external gear at any point in the signal. The PedalBoard HeadRush combines all of your gear in this way, allowing you to explore a new world of sound.

Studio Capabilities

Take your recording to the next level! With the built-in 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface, capture every subtle nuance of your playing and take advantage of the tremendous sound sculpting capabilities of the Eleven HD Expanded DSP software. Focus on fine-tuning your sonic signature by taking advantage of the multiple audio routing capabilities, signal chain optimization, or options available for recording processed and direct signals.

Pulse Response Support

With HeadRush Pedalboard, guitarists can fine-tune their speaker samples by loading impulse response files. To that end, HeadRush has partnered with Celestion to include an exclusive download offer to help you get started. In addition, HeadRush's Pedalboard supports all types of impulse response files, from 48kHz to 192kHz, 16-bit to 32-bit mono, .WAV and .AIFF, and up to 2048 samples.

- Category: Modeling Processor

- Technology: Digital

- Format: Pedalboard

- Inputs: USB, Midi, Jack, Expression Pedal, Auxiliary, 2 effect sends

- Outputs: USB, Midi, Headphones, 2 effect returns, 2 x jack, 2 x XLR

- Display: 7"

- Power: Mains

- Switch: 12 assignable footswitches

- Dimensions (mm): 610 x 305 x 89 mm

- Weight (kg): 7.30 kg

- True bypass: No

- Expression pedal: Yes

- Power supply included: Yes

- Simulations h.p. : 15

- No. of effects : 63

- Mic simulations : 10

- No. of presets : 270

- No. of modeling : 46

- Additional specs : - Guitar effects, amplifier, speaker and microphone modeling processor

- High-resolution 7″ touchscreen with familiar user interface for guitarists

- Eleven HD Expanded quad-core digital signal processor

- 44 amplifiers, 15 speakers, 10 microphones, 7 distortion effects, 9 dynamics/EQ, 17 modulation, 11 reverb/delay time and 10 expression

- Smooth preset changes while maintaining the current reverb/delay effect

- 12 footswitches with assignable color LEDs and oLed displays for ultra-precise visual feedback

- Looper offering up to 20 minutes of recording time with reverse mode

- Load impulse response files ; exclusive file upload in partnership with Celestion

- Hands-free mode for quick parameter changes via expression pedal

- Record and re-amp (24-bit/96kHz) via USB audio interface

- 1 1/4" guitar input, 1 1/4" expression pedal input

- 5-pin Midi input and output

- 2 balanced XLR outputs with grounding, 2 TRS outputs with Amp/Line level switch

- Stereo send/return to create switchable effects loops and add gear to any point in the chain signal

- 3.5mm minijack auxiliary input for connecting an audio device

- Headphone output for private listening

- Rugged steel chassis

- Weight and dimensions: 7.3 kg, 610 x 305 x 89 mm

- 46 amplifier mods

- Deluxe: '59 Deluxe Gain Mod

- Tweed: '59 Tweed Prince, '59 Tweed Deluxe, '59 Tweed Bass

- Black: '64 Black Lux Vib, '64 Black Lux Norm, '64 Black Lux Vib, '64 Black Vib, '65 Black SR, '65 Black Mini, '65 Black Prince, '67 Black Duo, '67 Black Shimmer

- J45: '65 J45,

- AC: '66 AC Hi Boost, '66 AC Hi Boost Mod,

- Flip Bass: '66 Flip Bass

- Plexi: '67 Plexiglas Vari, '68 Plexiglas 50W, '68 Plexi EL84 Mod, '69 Plexiglas 100W

- Blue Line: '69 Blue Line Bass, '69 Blue Line Scoop

- Lead 800: '82 Lead 800 50W, '82 Lead 800 100W, '82 Lead 800 Bass Mod, '82 Lead 800 Bright, '82 Lead 800 TS Mod,

- M-2: '85 M-2 Lead, '85 M-2 Lead Cap Mod

- SL: SL-100 Drive, SL-100 Crunch, SL-100 Clean, SL-100 Ext Range

- Treadplate: '92 Treadplate Modern, '92 Treadplate Vintage, '92 Treadplate Raw

- MS: '93 MS30

- RB: RB-01B Red, RB-01B Blue, RB-01B Green

- PV51: '99 PV51 II Clean, '99 PV51 II Crunch, '99 PV51 II Lead

- Tangerine: '05 Tangerine 30 CH1, '05 Tangerine 30 CH2

- 15 speaker mods

- 8": 1x 8 Custom

- 10": 4x 10 Tweed Bass, 4x 10 Black SR, 8x 10 Blue Line

- 12": 1x 12 Black Panel Lux, 1x 12 Tweed Lux, , 2x 12 AC Blue, 2x 12 Black Panel Duo, 2x 12 B30, 2x 12 Silver Cone, 4x 12 Classic 30W, 4x 12 65W, 4x 12 Green 25W, 4x 12 Green 20 W

- 15": 1x 15 Open Back

- 10 Adjustable Positioning Microphone Models (in front of cabinet/offset)

- Dynamics: Dyn 7, Dyn 57, Dyn 409, Dyn 421

- Static: Cond 67, Cond 87, Cond 414, Dyn 20, Dyn 12

- Ribbon: Ribbon 121

- 12 saturation effects

- Overdrive: White Boost, K Drive, Green JRC-OD, Anxiety OD, Anxiety OD V2

- Distortion: DC Distort, Black OP, MX Dist, D1 Dist

- Fuzz: Tri Fuzz, Round Fuzz

- Other: 8-Bit Crush

- 9 Dynamics/EQ Effects

- Compressor: Gray Comp, Dyn111 Comp, Side Comp

- EQ: Graphic EQ, Para EQ, Bass EQ

- Gate & Noise: Gate, Noise Filter

- Dynamics: Autoswell

- 20 Modulation Effects

- Chorus: Chorus, Multichorus

- Flanger: Flanger, Air Flanger

- Phaser: Vibe Phaser, Orange Phaser, Stone Phaser

- Vibrato / Tremolo: Rotary, Vibrato, Air Vibrato, Tremolo

- Tone: Octave, Octave Up, Drop Tune, Smart Harm, Ring Mod, Detune

- Acoustic Guitar Simulation: Acoustic Sim

- Envelope filters: Air Filter, Tron Filter

- 12 reverb and delay effects

- Reverb: Air reverb, Eleven reverb, Spring reverb, Stereo doubler, Ambiverb

- Delay: Air delay, BBD delay, Dyn delay, Pitch delay, Reverse delay, Shimmer, Tape echo

- 10 expression effects

- Wah: , shine wah, black wah, shine wah, more wah

- Modulation: Chord Wham, Wham, Harm, Time Warp

- Spatialization and levels: Volume, Panner