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The only complete and off-road trombone

Complete trombone in Bb and Fa, the model Coolwind is ultralight. Its carbon fiber slide, unlike fiberglass, does not suffer from the vagaries of the weather. In fact, neither humidity nor heat will make it swell. Thus it will remain permanently operable without causing feelings of restraint. Finally, its two-part pavilion gives it a beautiful sound projection.

- Finish: Black

- Key: Bb/Fa

- Category: trombone

- Body material: ABS

- Accessories included: mouthpiece, cover

- Drilling: 13.90 mm

- Weight (kg): 1.50 kg

- Flag diameter: 216 mm

- Nuts: Yes

- Engraving on pavilion : No

- Double spacer: No

- Additional Specs: - Carbon fibre runner

- Delivered in a protective cover and with a 3C plastic mouthpiece