PRIME GO with flight case

Following in the footsteps of the famous Prime 4 stand-alone all-in-one DJ system, the Prime Go builds on the foundations laid by its predecessor while maintaining mobility and compactness.

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With its lithium-ion battery providing up to 4 hours of battery life and a compact size of just over 40cm long by 28cm high, the Prime Go will be a must-have for any DJ looking for a mobile solution to free themselves from the constraints of an external power supply. the Prime Go, DJs will finally be able to exploit the full power of the Prime series in a very compact format! Put this small, stand-alone 2-channel DJ console in your bag, prepare your DJ set on the go and be ready for any event thanks to Prime Go's no-compromise interface. Like its big brother Prime 4, the Prime Go draws its power from Engine OS and shares with it an ultra-readable touch screen to offer DJs an unparalleled mixing experience, but comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery giving it extreme portability! To top it all off, Prime Go includes a WiFi link for streaming music from streaming services such as TIDAL. With a phone as a network access point and TIDAL, you will never run out of music, wherever you are!

Music at your fingertips

The Prime Go features a 7-inch high definition multitouch screen, as convenient to use as a tablet or smartphone. Browse through your library, drag tracks to load them onto the desired deck, instantly search through large volumes of data and even rearrange your playlists directly on the screen. Prime Go allows you to toggle the orientation of the waveform from vertical to horizontal and allows you to monitor many parameters directly on the screen. Prime Go adapts to the DJ, not the other way around.

Non-stop sound

The Prime Go has a USB and SD input to give you easy access to all your music. This wide range of inputs for storage devices makes it possible to keep an SD card permanently installed, or simply perform data transfers between DJs via the USB port. The Prime Go also allows you to directly record the set played on all available media, including the one in use.

Music without constraints, anywhere

Whether you decide to use your phone as an access point or the WiFi or wired Internet connection of a location, you can broadcast music via TIDAL with its catalogue of over 60 million tracks, using only PRIME GO, without the need for a laptop. Never be caught off guard again for that elusive song request.

No compromise on connectivity

With the Prime Go, no compromise on professional quality audio and digital connections has been made to fit in your backpack. The Prime Go is the best ultra-portable DJ system, developed without compromise, available for any event. It features Denon DJ's renowned 24-bit/48 kHz technology, delivering the highest audio quality and enough connections to cover any event, from a home party to a mobile concert, club or stage. Add the StagelinQ connection from Prime Go and you'll be ready to create a dynamic light show with ease, as well as a stunning video show with SoundSwitch.

Build your mix

Prime Go has all the creative features and power you need for any style of play. With 2-channel faders, a crossfader, capacitive touch jog-wheels and an expressive 3-band EQ, you can shape and mix your sound to perfection. Take your music to another dimension with PRIME GO's assignable beat-FX module, Sweep FX and filter for exceptional control over your sound. Prime Go is equipped with two banks of four ultra-sensitive pads to literally juggle hot cues, looping and beat rolls, as well as timestretch, tone change and sync to dramatically change the tempo and pitch of a song. by Engine OS

Just like Prime 4, Prime Go gets all its power from Engine OS and handles all operations as fast as lightning during your DJ set. Install Engine Prime music management software on your Mac or PC to import your digital music collections from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro™ from Native Instruments or Rekordbox™. Then export your playlists to an external storage device and connect it to your Prime Go to play your music. Prime Go is also capable of accurately analyzing the beatgrid, BPM, tone, or images associated with all of your songs without a computer. It's easy to organize your playlists directly from Prime Go.

- Display: Multitouch color 7"

- Category: All-in-one DJ solution

- Inputs: Rca auxiliary, 2 x Xlr/jack combo mic

- Outputs : booth jack, master Rca, master XLR

- Supplied software: Engine

- Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC - 50/60 Hz, Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

- Mobile media playback : SD card, USB storage devices

- Compatibility : PC, Mac

- Dimensions (mm) : 411 x 274 x 53

- Velocity sensitive : Yes

- Bluetooth : No

- Sequencer : No

- Arpeggiator: No

- Backlit pad: Yes

- Bluetooth Midi: No

- Transport controls: Yes

- No. of pads: 8

- Additional specs : - Ultra-compact standalone 2-channel DJ system with Engine Prime technology

- Lithium-ion battery, up to 4 hours autonomy

- 7-inch HD multi-touch screen

- 8 backlit pads with Hot-cue, Loop, Roll mode, Slicer

- Capacitive touchpads

- Autoloop wheels and manual loop section

- Key Synch / Synch functions

- Pitch fader

- Real time timestretch for extreme tempo changes

- Assignable effect module with mix control

- WiFi and wired modules for connection to audio streaming services

- Import your collections from iTunes, Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, and from services such as SoundCloud Go+ or Beatport Link

- Level and 3-band EQ for each channel

- Auxiliary Rca input at line level with level control

- 2 XLR/jack combo microphone inputs with individual level controls and talkover

- XLR and Rca master output, booth jack

- 6.35 mm and 3 headphone outputs,5 mm with level and cue mix adjustment

- RJ45 StagelinQ connection for lighting and video control via compatible software (optional)

- Legendary audio quality 24 bits / 48 kHz

- 1 USB port and 1 SD card slot to connect multiple media sources

- 1 USB B port to connect to a PC/Mac

- Weight and dimensions : 3.68 kg, 411 x 274 x 53 mm