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Top model evolutionary destination of the most demanding users, the Beatbuddy opens the field of possibilities, thanks to its advanced features. The combination of all the styles of batteries at the different styles present in the pedal design and the edition of its own drum kits, everything becomes possible ! The contents of all of the pedal kits, songs, sounds) can be edited through the software BeatBuddy Manager by connecting it to a computer via the supplied USB cable. It can be synchronized by MIDI with a MIDI device is compatible, and is controllable from the footswitch (sold separately). Flagship of Singular Sound BeatBuddy is a drum machine in the format of a

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A system that is accessible to all. The BeatBuddy takes the opposite drum, complex, and costly based on quite a different philosophy : to provide musicians a machine of quality, format, user-friendly and intuitive pedal effect for guitar. Thanks to its connection system complete which allows an operation mono or stereo, and even a job for the headphones, this little drum machine is able to integrate seamlessly into your pedal board !Be the master of your drummer ! Have you ever tried to edit on the fly programming of a drum machine ? This is where the strong point of the BeatBuddy, which allows a complete control on the unfolding of the various rhythm sections of a song through simple pressure on the pedal. A first pressure starts the song, a short press triggers a yarn, while a long press initiates a transition. Nothing more simple ! And if you want an extended control, the BeatBuddy is compatible with the footswitch Beatbuddy. Programmable via the pedal crank 2-way you will give a blow of cymbal at the right time, to activate the tap tempo, or skip to the next song. A real plus !The force is with you ! Do not be deceived, the small size of this pedal is the singular does not hurt its quality audio and its possibilities. With 10 drum kits can be combined to the 24 music styles built-in, not less than 240 arrangements not quantified that are within reach of your feet ! The realism of the drum sounds included, from recordings of drummers in professional studio, will dispel all your doubts, if any. In addition, it is capable of working equally well in mono as in stereo for an even more mind-blowing !Quite complex systems, and closed ? Join the rebellion ! The entire content of the BeatBuddy, which is stored on the SD card supplied, can be modified with the help of the free software Singular Sound, via the USB port on the pedal. Whether new sounds on the drum kits, new drum kits, or new rhythmic patterns, everything is fully customizable and programmable. In addition, the BeatBuddy is able to manage up to 300 drum kits, and 3 million of the rhythm tracks, plenty to stimulate your creativity !You'll understand that this box rhythms, atypical to the format of a pedal is an asset of considerable value in the arsenal of the musician of scene, or to simply work its rhythm at home. Highly customizable while remaining intuitive, it will delight both the beginner and the advanced user in search of a drum machine, advanced of quality. - 10 drum kits - 24 music styles fully editable files (list of the standard contents available HERE) - Supports up to 300 drum kits, and 3 million pieces - All types of measures parameterized - LCD Display 6 colors with visual metronome for fills and transitions, and precise stereo Sound, studio-quality 24-bit/44.1 kHz from recordings of drummers in professional - Use of the data is not quantified for a human touch - Volume Buttons, the Drum Set and Tempo - Tap Button (Tap tempo) and 4 arrow keys for navigation in menus - 2 input jack for the stereo operation - 2 jack outputs for stereo operation - Input headphone mini-jack - USB Input to customize the styles and drum kits via the software edition BeatBuddy Manager (available HERE) - USB Cable included - additional Content paid downloadable on the site BeatBuddy - MIDI Sync possible (MIDI cable sold separately) - footswitch Input (footswitch BeatBuddy sold separately) - Card SD HC 4 Gb pre-loaded included (backup copy of the files available HERE). About 3.4 Gb available on the card. - Usable with all sound systems and headphones - frequency Response : 10 Hz - 20 kHz - signal/noise Ratio : 95 dB - Power supply : 9 volts DC, 300 mA, center negative (included) - Dimensions of the pedal : 127 x 86 x 63 mm