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Standard - Original Wah

The mythical wah wah at the height of his glory.

At the statement "Cry baby", any normally formed guitarist stands, little finger on the seam, to greet the best wah-wah of all time. By the early 1960s, with the success of the first electric guitars, many electronics players began to create an effect of variations of sound that would simulate the work of pulling the left hand on the rope.

An ingenious system.
Let's take a look at various adventures in the near future, and in 1966, when Brad Plunkett, who was working on amp development, invented a new type of potentiometer. Initially, he thought to control the effect via the vibrato

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- Original wah-wah pedal
- Potentiometer Hot potz, no microphonie
- True hard bypass
- 2 x jack in / out that can withstand thousands of connections
- Power supply (not included): 9V battery or MDU adapter ECB003E or DC-BRICK
- Hatch under the pedal