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  • Multimedia Microphone

    Your followers are more forgiving of camera errors than poor sound quality, and while your smartphone may have a great camera, the built-in mic is not. iPhone users who want to record music or ambience in digital stereo can use a mic that plugs directly into the smartphone's Lightning port and is compact enough to carry with you, so you'll always have it on hand when recording opportunities arise. The two rotating capsules can be aimed to optimize your sound, and a gain control knob lets you adjust the level in real time while recording.


    While the term headphones is now used to describe headphones mounted on a headband, there are also simple earbuds that the user places directly into the ears.

    In-ear headphones go a step further by going directly into your ear canal. This system allows you to isolate yourself almost completely from outside sounds, which is called passive isolation.

    Enjoy all the frequencies emitted by the earphones without being disturbed by surrounding noise. Their low-frequency response gives you a balanced sound that's far more realistic and clearer than conventional headphones.
    Silicone tips in different sizes (S, M and L) are included with these earphones. They give you a unique, customized fit for optimal stability.

  • Stands & Supports IOS

    Tablets and smartphones such as the iPad and iPhone are being used more and more and therefore require stable stands and stands. These allow musicians, DJs, singers and presenters to attach their tablet to a microphone stand using an adapter. This way, their music, lyrics or speeches are always within reach.

    In addition, you will find free-standing stands for iPad and smartphone as well as practical desk stands. In addition to iPad/tablet stands and stands, we also offer laptop stands, which you can find in the category Structure & Stand.

  • Smartphone accessories

    The micro-USB port on tablets and smartphones is not suitable for devices designed for USB ports on computers. Before connecting, get an adapter or cable with a USB socket on one side and a micro-USB connector on the other.

  • Streaming

    Is live streaming useful as a marketing tool? The answer is clearly yes. These statistics highlight the benefits of including live streaming in your marketing mix. In addition, these tips help brands and agencies successfully implement live streaming and use it as an influencer marketing strategy.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items


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