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  • LED PAR light on battery

    A battery powered LED floodlight is a portable lighting device powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. This type of floodlight uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce light rather than conventional bulbs.

    Battery powered LED floodlights are popular for a variety of uses such as construction lighting, emergency lighting in case of power failure, camping lighting, and outdoor security lighting. They are often designed with a handle for easy transportation and a stand to enable them to be placed on a flat surface.

    The advantages of battery powered LED floodlights include longer service life, lower power consumption than traditional incandescent lamps, better luminous efficiency, resistance to shock and vibration, and the ability to be used outdoors without the need for a power source.

  • LED Technics

    An LED (Light-Emitting Diode) floodlight is a lighting device that uses light-emitting diodes to produce light. LED floodlights have become popular due to their energy efficiency, long life and low maintenance cost compared to other types of floodlights.

    LED floodlights are available in a wide range of sizes, wattages and colors. They are used for a variety of lighting applications, including outdoor security lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting for concerts and events, stadium lighting for sports and large events, and even home lighting.

    LED floodlights are also popular for their flexibility in lighting control. LEDs can be easily adjusted to vary the light intensity and color, allowing users to create dynamic and personalized lighting effects.

  • Motorized Projectors

    Motorized LED floodlights are floodlights that use LEDs as the light source and are equipped with a motorization system to allow precise control of the direction and angle of illumination.

    These floodlights are often used in stage lighting, architectural lighting, show lighting and theater lighting applications, as they offer great flexibility in the positioning and direction of the light, allowing for complex and customized lighting effects.

    The motorization system also allows for remote control of the fixture, making it easier and more efficient for operators to work during lighting installation and setup.

  • ELLIPSOIDAL lighting

    Ellipsoidische Beleuchtungen, auch bekannt als ellipsoidische Scheinwerfer oder Profilleuchten, sind Leuchten, die bei Shows, Veranstaltungen und Theaterproduktionen eingesetzt werden, um eine präzise gerichtete Beleuchtung zu ermöglichen.

    Sie werden Ellipsoidscheinwerfer genannt, weil ihr Design auf einer Ellipse basiert, die eine genaue Steuerung von Größe, Form und Richtung des ausgestrahlten Lichtstrahls ermöglicht. Ellipsoidische Beleuchtungen sind mit einer austauschbaren Linse ausgestattet, die so eingestellt werden kann, dass sie eine scharfe und präzise Projektion eines Bildes oder Musters auf eine Bühne oder eine Wand erzeugt.

    Ellipsoid-Beleuchtungen werden häufig in Theaterproduktionen eingesetzt, um Schauspieler und Kulissen zu beleuchten und dramatische Licht- und Schatteneffekte zu erzeugen. Sie werden auch bei Unterhaltungsveranstaltungen wie Konzerten und Festivals eingesetzt, um die Künstler zu beleuchten und spektakuläre Lichteffekte zu erzeugen.

  • Machines and Accessories

    Liquid effects machines are equipment used to create visual and atmospheric effects in live performances, shows, concerts, films and other artistic events. They use a liquid, such as water, glycol, or mineral oil, which is sprayed, squirted, or atomized to produce special effects such as fumes, mists, jets, splashes, bubbles, etc.

    Liquid effects machines can be used to create a wide range of special effects, such as creating smoke or fog atmospheres for a concert, simulating snowfall or rain for a movie shoot, creating water jets for artistic fountains, or creating bubbles for children's events.

    These machines are available in a variety of sizes and models to meet the specific needs of each event or art production. Liquid effects machines are typically used in combination with other art production equipment such as lighting, speakers, projection screens, etc.

  • Lighting consoles

    A lighting console is an electronic device used to control lighting systems, typically used in theater, dance, live music, television and film. Lighting consoles allow lighting operators to create and manipulate lighting effects in real time, changing the colors, patterns, brightness and position of spotlights and other light sources.

    Modern lighting consoles often feature a user-friendly graphical interface that allows users to view and change lighting settings in real time. Lighting consoles can also be used to program entire lighting shows, recording scenes, effects and transitions for later playback.

  • Exterior Lightning

    IP65 and IP66 are International Protection Classification (IP) codes used to indicate the level of protection that outdoor projectors provide against liquid and dust intrusion.

    The IP code is an international standardized system that classifies and designates the levels of protection provided by electronic product enclosures against environmental elements such as dust and water. It consists of two numbers, the first indicating the level of protection against solids and the second indicating the level of protection against liquids.

    IP65 means that the outdoor projector is protected against dust and water jets directed from all directions, making it resistant to harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail and storms. However, it is not completely waterproof.

    IP66 means that the outdoor projector is protected against dust and strong water jets from all directions, making it resistant to extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms and floods. It is also protected against high pressure water jets from all directions, making it completely waterproof.

    In summary, an outdoor floodlight with an IP65 rating can withstand harsh weather conditions, but is not completely waterproof, while an outdoor floodlight with an IP66 rating is completely waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • Lighting Effects

    A Strobe / Laser / Effects projector is equipment used in shows, concerts, discos and other events to create special lighting effects.

    A Strobe projector is a device that emits high frequency flashes of light, usually used to create strobe effects, which give the illusion that objects are moving slower or faster than they actually are.

    A laser projector uses beams of laser light to create complex patterns and lighting effects. Lasers are often used to create effects of lines, waves, circles and other patterns, which can be synchronized with music to create a synchronized visual experience.

    A light effects projector can offer a variety of different lighting effects, such as patterned projections, color effects, gobo effects and motion effects. These projectors can also include additional features, such as video projection, the ability to control effects remotely, and pre-configured programs for easy use.

  • Bag And Flight Case

    Lighting covers and flights are accessories used to protect and transport lighting equipment such as projectors, spotlights, PARs, lyres, scanners and more.

    Covers are soft cases made of fabric or synthetic material that completely enclose the lighting equipment to protect it from dust, moisture, and light impact when stored or transported. Covers are usually equipped with carrying handles and zippers for easy handling.

    Flights are sturdier cases made of metal, wood, or hard plastic that offer enhanced protection against greater impact and damage. Flights often have interior foam or padded compartments to keep lighting equipment in place during transport.

    These accessories are especially useful for DJs, musicians, lighting equipment rental companies, and event professionals who need to safely transport their equipment from venue to venue.

  • DMX Cables

    DMX (Digital Multiplex) cables are cables used for digital communication between professional lighting equipment, such as projectors, lyres, scanners, lighting consoles, smoke machines, etc.

    The DMX protocol is a digital communication standard that allows multiple lighting fixtures to be controlled from a single lighting console. DMX signals are transmitted over DMX cables, which typically have five wires: two data wires (DMX+ and DMX-), a ground wire (GND) and two resistance wires to prevent interference (SD and SC).

    DMX cables are designed to transmit digital signals reliably over long distances, usually up to 500 meters. They are often equipped with 3-pin or 5-pin XLR connectors for easy and secure connection between lighting equipment.

    It is important to use quality DMX cables to avoid interference and transmission errors that can cause malfunctions or timing problems in the lighting system.

  • Lighting Accessories

    Stage lighting accessories are additional equipment used to complement lighting fixtures on a stage to create different lighting effects and enhance the mood. These accessories are designed to be used with spotlights, lighting fixtures and stage lighting systems to add special effects, colors and textures to the lighting.

    Gels: colored plastic filters that attach to spotlights to change the color of the light.

    Gobos: Metal or glass filters that are placed in front of the projectors to project patterns, logos or images onto the stage.

  • Hardware

    Stage lighting stands and structures are equipment used to suspend and position stage lights such as spotlights, spotlights, lasers, lighting effects, etc. These structures are essential for creating effective and professional lighting for shows, concerts, corporate events and other events.

    Lighting stands often consist of tripods or T-shaped stands with horizontal bars to support the lights. Lighting structures, on the other hand, are larger, more complex structures consisting of beams and crossbars to support multiple lights at once. These structures can be configured in different ways to accommodate different types of stages and events.

    It is important to note that stage lighting stands and structures must be built in a solid and safe manner to ensure the safety of the performers, technicians and audience. It is also important to install them correctly to avoid any risk of accident or injury.

  • DMX Control

    DMX-Controller (Digital Multiplex) sind Geräte, die in der Beleuchtungsindustrie zur Steuerung von DMX-Leuchten verwendet werden. DMX ist ein digitales Kommunikationsprotokoll, das es kompatiblen Beleuchtungsgeräten ermöglicht, mit einem DMX-Controller zu kommunizieren, bei dem es sich um eine Computersoftware, eine Beleuchtungskonsole oder ein dediziertes Hardwaregerät handeln kann.

    DMX-Controller werden zur Programmierung und Steuerung von Farbe, Helligkeit und Position von DMX-Leuchten verwendet, bei denen es sich um Scheinwerfer, Spots, LED-Balken, Laser, Lichteffekte, Stroboskope und andere Beleuchtungsgeräte handeln kann.

    DMX-Steuergeräte können in einer Vielzahl von Kontexten eingesetzt werden, z. B. bei Live-Shows, Konzerten, Firmenveranstaltungen, Kunstinstallationen, Diskotheken und Theatern. Sie bieten eine große Flexibilität bei der Gestaltung der Beleuchtung und ermöglichen komplexe Lichteffekte, die mit der Musik oder anderen Showelementen synchronisiert sind.

  • Video LED

    LED video lights are light sources used for stage lighting, TV studio lighting, film lighting and video lighting. LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are small electronic bulbs that produce light when an electric current is applied. LED video lights have become very popular in recent years because they offer many advantages over traditional light sources such as incandescent bulbs or halogen projectors.

    The advantages of LED video lights include low power consumption, long service life, low heat generation, variety of light colors, low infrared and ultraviolet radiation emission, compact size and easy portability. In addition, LED video lights are often equipped with color temperature, dimming and pulse width modulation (PWM) controls for precise control of brightness and color.

    LED video lights are used in a variety of video productions, including interviews, movies, commercials, music videos, live events, television shows, and sporting events. They can be used alone or in combination with other light sources to create special effects and different moods.

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Light colors are an integral part of the lighting compositions on a stage. The lighting designer chooses the light tones and gelatin filters placed in front of each spotlight or the color of the LED spotlights used. It is the light that holds this role. There is no doubt that it is thanks to the good and loyal services of the stage lighting that most of the information comes to us from the show. There are also the effects machines that are used a lot smoke machines, fog machines, heavy smoke machines.