3-Year Warranty

Your purchases at MusicGoodDeal are backed up by our 3-year warranty, i.e. we extend the manufacturer's warranty period MusicGoodDeal (usually 12 months) to a full 36 months - at our own cost

Perishable items such as stringsdrumsticksbatteries (also rechargeable ones), tubesbulbs and crossfaders are not under warranty.

Why do we do that?

Because we stand by the products we offer. We are an authorized dealer of all the popular brands. We take greatest care to offer quality products only. If a product does not meet our quality standards, we won't include it in our catalogue, no matter how cheap it is or how well that manufacturer's other products sell. Our quality control and our repair workshops ensure the best possible quality for you and the fastest possible help in cases of failure. That's why we dare to extend the manufacturers' warranty period to three years.

What if something is broken?

Before you return an item, please contact our customer service department. Our warranty is valid for all purchases. You don't need any papers except your invoice number (your customer number usually suffices, too). Please contact our customer service team in the first instance as they can advise the next best possible step.