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  • Studio Microphones

    Welcome to our Studio Microphones section, designed specifically for music enthusiasts and audio professionals who are looking to achieve exceptional sound quality for their recordings.

    In this category, we offer a wide selection of high quality studio microphones from the most reputable brands in the music industry. Whether you are looking for a condenser microphone, a dynamic microphone or a ribbon microphone, you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

    Condenser microphones are ideal for capturing vocals and instruments with great accuracy and clarity, while dynamic microphones are best suited for louder sound sources, such as guitar amps or drums. Ribbon microphones, meanwhile, have a warm, vintage sound that can add a unique texture to recordings.

    We also offer a variety of studio microphone models, such as cardioid, bidirectional, or omnidirectional, to meet different recording needs. We also have microphone packages for those looking to outfit their entire studio or record multiple sound sources simultaneously.

    Finally, we have accessories such as mic stands, shock mounts, pop filters and XLR cables to ensure the best possible sound quality in your studio.

    At our online music store, we pride ourselves on offering top quality products at competitive prices so you can make your recordings with the best sound possible. Feel free to browse our selection of studio microphones and contact our expert team if you need help choosing the perfect microphone for your studio.

  • Microphones Accessories

    Welcome to our studio microphone accessories category! If you are a professional musician or sound engineer, you know that microphones are essential tools for quality studio recording. But to get the best results, it's important to have the right accessories for your mics.

    In this category, you'll find a wide selection of accessories for your studio mics, including microphone stands, pop filters, foam windscreens to reduce wind noise, high-quality XLR cables and more. We have everything you need to improve the quality of your vocal and instrumental recording.

    Our microphone stands are designed to provide stability and allow you to adjust the height and angle of your microphone for precise positioning. Pop filters are essential to avoid breath noise that can affect the quality of your vocal recording. Foam windscreens reduce wind noise for professional recording quality. High quality XLR cables are essential for clear and noise-free signal transmission.

    On top of that, we also have accessories for protecting and transporting your mics, such as hard cases and protective covers, so you can safely transport your equipment.

    We work with the best brands to bring you top quality accessories for your studio mics. Browse through our selection of accessories to find what you need to improve the quality of your recording. Order now and take advantage of our fast and reliable delivery.

  • Active Monitors

    Welcome to the Active Monitors category on the MusicGoodDeal website, your reference store for all the musical equipment you could possibly need.

    Our active monitors are specially designed for all musicians, producers and sound engineers seeking the highest sound quality for their music. They have been meticulously selected by our team of experts for their performance, durability and audio precision.

    In our collection you'll find a wide range of renowned brands and options to choose from to satisfy all your sonic needs. Whether you need studio monitors for your home, professional recording studio or live performance, we've got you covered.

    Every active monitor in our catalog comes with its own built-in amplifier, guaranteeing perfectly calibrated frequency response for clear, accurate sound. You'll be able to hear every detail of your music with incredible clarity, from deep bass to crystal-clear highs.

    At MusicGoodDeal, we're committed to providing not only quality products, but also excellent customer service. Our team of experts is always ready to help you choose the right equipment for your needs and budget.

    Browse our collection today and discover why so many music professionals trust MusicGoodDeal for their active monitor needs.

  • Audio Interfaces

    The Studio Audio Interfaces category is the perfect place to find the audio equipment needed to record professional quality music. Audio interfaces are essential devices for music producers, sound engineers and musicians looking to capture their music with the highest possible fidelity.

    In this category, you'll find a wide selection of audio interfaces in a variety of brands and sizes, with options for every budget. Whether you're looking for a simple USB audio interface for recording your guitar and voice, or a high-end Thunderbolt audio interface for professional studio use, you're sure to find what you need.

    In addition, the Studio Audio Interfaces category also includes mic preamps, A/D and D/A converters, DI boxes, mixers and other related equipment. These products can be used to enhance the sound quality of your recording, eliminate unwanted noise, and improve the clarity and presence of your music.

    In short, if you're looking to record professional-quality music, the Studio Audio Interfaces category is a great place to find the equipment you need to make it happen. With a comprehensive selection of audio interfaces and related equipment, you're sure to find what you need to make your recording studio a success.

  • Studio Pack

    The Home Studio Packs category is designed for amateur or professional musicians who want to record professional quality music from the comfort of their own home. These packages include a variety of high-quality equipment that allows you to record, mix and produce music professionally.

    Home Studio packages typically include basic equipment such as microphones, headphones, audio interfaces and music production software. Some packages may also include studio monitors, microphone stands, pop filters and additional cables for extended connectivity.

    Whether you're a singer, guitarist, drummer or other musician, Home Studio Packs are designed to meet your specific recording and music production needs. They offer superior sound quality, ease of use and flexibility to meet the needs of any musician.

    If you're looking to record and produce professional-quality music from home, Home Studio Packs are an excellent choice. With a wide variety of options available, you're sure to find the package that meets your needs and budget.

  • Analog Mixers

    Welcome to the Analog Mixers category of our online music store! If you're looking to upgrade your audio equipment and get professional quality sound, then you've come to the right place.

    Analog mixing consoles are essential tools for any audio engineer or musician who wants to achieve optimal sound when recording or broadcasting live. Analog mixers use analog electronics to process audio signals, providing a warm, organic, and authentic sound that is appreciated by many audio professionals.

    Our selection of analog mixers includes a variety of makes and models, each offering a range of features and functionality to meet the needs of different types of users. Whether you're an experienced audio engineer or a novice musician, we have an analog mixer to suit your needs and budget.

    We also carry analog mixer accessories and parts, such as cables and adapters, carrying cases, and protective cases, to ensure your equipment stays in good condition and performs at its best.

    With our selection of analog mixing consoles, you can be sure to find the right product for your recording and live broadcasting needs. Browse our range now and discover the best sound you've ever heard!

  • Digital Consoles

    Digital mixers are an essential type of sound reinforcement equipment for any musician, engineer or producer who wants to record, mix or amplify music. Unlike analog mixers, which use electronic components and circuits to process the sound signal, digital mixers are based on digital processors and specialized software.

    Digital mixers offer greater flexibility and precision in sound management, as they allow precise, real-time control of each individual sound element, such as vocals, instruments and effects. This means that users can adjust volume levels, tones, EQs and effects in an extremely precise manner to achieve optimal sound quality.

    In addition to superior sound quality, digital mixers also offer convenience through their user-friendly interfaces and ability to store and recall previously saved settings. This allows users to create and save custom settings for each piece of music, making the music production process much easier.

    At our online music store, we offer a wide selection of digital mixing consoles of different makes and models to meet the needs and budgets of all customers. Whether you are a beginning musician or a seasoned professional, we are confident that we have the perfect digital mixing console to help you create and produce top quality music.

  • Controllers & Productions

    The Controllers & Studio Production category is a must for all musicians and producers looking for quality equipment for their recording studio. This section includes a wide selection of MIDI controllers, control surfaces, and music production software to help you realize your musical projects.

    MIDI controllers are essential tools for producers and musicians who want to have total control over their music. They let you control a variety of virtual instruments, sequencers and effects, and easily manipulate the parameters of your music production software.

    Control surfaces provide physical control of your music production software. They allow you to mix, adjust volumes, pan, effects and filters in real time for a more intuitive production experience.

    Finally, music production software is an essential tool for creating, recording, editing and mixing your music. This category includes a variety of leading music production software, such as Ableton Live, FL Studio and Pro Tools, to meet the needs of all types of musicians and producers.

    Whether you're a beginning or experienced musician, this category is a must-have for equipping your recording studio. With a selection of top-quality products, you're sure to find the tools you need to get your music projects done.

  • Studio Headphones

    Welcome to our Studio Headphones category, designed specifically for music professionals and discerning amateurs who want the best possible sound quality when recording and mixing.

    Our selection of studio headphones offer accurate and faithful sound reproduction, allowing you to hear every nuance and detail of your music. Studio headphones are essential for musicians, sound engineers and producers who want balanced frequency response, effective sound isolation and comfort for extended work sessions.

    We offer a wide range of models from the best brands on the market, from closed-back headphones for total isolation, to open-back headphones for a more natural and airy listening experience. Wireless and active noise cancelling headphones are also available for more freedom of movement and to avoid external distractions.

    In short, our Studio Headphones category is a must-have choice for all audio professionals, producers, and discerning musicians who want superior equipment for their work. Order now and see for yourself the difference these studio headphones can make to your sound.

  • AD/DA Converters

    The Studio Audio Converters category is essential for any musician or producer who wants the best possible sound quality in their studio. These converters are used to transform analog audio signals into digital signals, while preserving the original sound quality.

    In this category, you will find a selection of audio converters from brands known for their reliability and quality, such as Focusrite, Apogee, RME and Universal Audio. Converters can be available as external boxes to connect to your computer or integrated into more complete audio interfaces.

    Studio audio converters are designed for high accuracy, high dynamic range, and low harmonic distortion, ensuring accurate and faithful sound reproduction. They are often equipped with high-quality converters, such as Burr-Brown or Cirrus Logic A/D and D/A converters, which offer high-level analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion.

    In short, if you're looking to improve the sound quality of your studio, studio audio converters are an essential investment. With a selection of premium brands and models available in this category, you're sure to find the right audio converter for your needs and budget.

  • Studio Preamplifier

    Studio preamplifiers are essential equipment for any professional or amateur recording studio. This category of products is essential for improving the quality of recorded audio signals by increasing their gain level, balancing frequencies and reducing unwanted noise.

    Studio preamplifiers are available in different types and models, each with its own features and benefits. Some preamplifiers feature tube circuitry to produce a warm, vintage sound, while others use more modern technology for more accurate and neutral sound reproduction.

    Studio preamplifiers can be used for a variety of sound sources, including microphones, electric guitars, keyboards and other electronic instruments. They are also useful for processing mix output signals, to add extra color or sonic texture to the final recording.

    At [name of online music store], we offer a wide selection of high quality studio preamplifiers from renowned brands such as Universal Audio, Focusrite, API and Neve. We offer mono and stereo preamplifiers, tube preamplifiers and solid state models, as well as units with additional processing features such as compressors and EQs.

    If you're looking to improve the quality of your recordings, studio preamplifiers are an essential choice. Browse our selection and find the preamplifier that best suits your needs and budget.

  • Digital Recorders

    The "Digital Studio Recorders" category is the ideal place to find high quality professional equipment for recording music or voices in a recording studio. These digital recorders provide accurate results that are true to the original sound source.

    Digital studio recorders can be used to record musical instruments such as guitar, drums, piano and vocals, as well as to capture ambient sounds for film or video projects. They also offer advanced features such as live mixing, sound editing, effects processing and loop programming.

    Our selection of digital studio recorders includes leading brands. We offer portable digital recorders for musicians on the go, multitrack recorders for professional recording studios, and everything in between.

    Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, you'll find the best digital studio recorders for your needs on our site. We pride ourselves on offering top quality products, expert advice, and exceptional customer service to help you successfully complete your recording projects.

  • Headphone Amps

    Welcome to the studio headphone amplifier category of our online music store! If you're a musician, producer, or recording engineer, you know how much of a difference a good headphone amplifier can make in the quality of your mix and the way you hear your music.

    Our studio headphone amplifiers are designed to provide clean, powerful amplification for your headphones, allowing you to focus on the finer details of your recording and mixing. We offer a range of headphone amplifiers from a variety of renowned manufacturers that offer great sound quality, durability and long-term reliability.

    Whether you are looking for a headphone amplifier for your professional studio or home studio, we have a variety of options to meet your needs. Our products are available in a range of price points to meet different budgets and requirements, and we offer expert advice to help you choose the perfect headphone amplifier for your setup.

    With our category of studio headphone amplifiers, you can be sure you'll get the clearest, most accurate sound possible from your studio headphones. Browse our selection now and find the right headphone amplifier for your situation!

  • Summing

    Welcome to the studio summers category of our online music store! Here you will find a selection of high quality summers that are essential for any professional recording setup.

    A studio summing unit is a device used to combine multiple audio signals into a single signal. Summers are commonly used in recording studios to mix multiple audio tracks and create a coherent final sound.

    We offer a range of studio summers from different brands, with different features and functionality to meet the needs of every producer or recording engineer. Whether you're looking for an analog or digital summing unit, our selection includes products from leading brands such as SSL, Neve, API and many others.

    We also offer summers with different channel counts to meet the needs of any project, whether it's a small home studio or a large professional studio. In addition, our summers are designed to provide exceptional audio quality, with balanced frequency response and minimal distortion.

    Browse our selection of studio summers and find the one that best suits your recording needs. We pride ourselves on offering professional quality products at affordable prices to help equip your studio and produce the best sound possible.

  • Effects and Processing

    The Studio Effects & Processors category features a wide selection of equipment and software that help shape the sound of your recording. These tools give you the ability to add sound effects and transform your sound for a professional result.

    In this category, you'll find effects processors such as compressors, equalizers, filters and reverbs. These processors allow you to control sound levels, reduce background noise and add depth to your sound.

    In addition, the category also includes a variety of special effects such as delays, flangers, choruses and phasers, which can add a touch of originality to your music. Effects can also be used to create special moods and add interesting sonic textures to your recording.

    Studio processors and effects can be used in many contexts, such as music production, mixing, mastering and live recording. Audio professionals regularly use these tools to enhance the quality of their work and create unique sounds that stand out.

    In our online music store, we offer a selection of effects processors and special effects to meet your music production needs. Whether you're a novice producer or a seasoned pro, our range of effects and studio processors will help you achieve high-quality sound results and explore new creative horizons.

  • DANTE Interfaces

    The DANTE Interfaces category offers a selection of high-end audio equipment designed for professional recording and music production. DANTE interfaces are digital-to-analog audio conversion tools that allow audio signals to be transferred over computer networks. They are especially valued for their reliability, flexibility, and ability to handle multiple audio channels simultaneously.

    In this category, you will find DANTE interfaces from leading brands. The products offered are compatible with Dante protocols and offer exceptional sound quality and versatility for audio professionals.

    These interfaces are ideal for use in recording studios, auditoriums, churches, conference rooms, and any other application that requires high-quality audio transmission over a computer network. Whether you're a professional or an avid hobbyist, the DANTE interfaces in this category will meet all your audio recording, mixing, and processing needs.

  • Studio Accessories

    Welcome to our Studio Accessories category, designed for music professionals and audio enthusiasts looking to enhance their music making experience.

    We offer a wide selection of studio accessories to meet your every need. Whether you're looking to improve your recording quality, streamline your workflow, or customize your workspace, we've got you covered.

    Our lineup includes high-quality studio monitors for accurate listening, comfortable monitoring headsets for long recording sessions, professional studio microphones for clear and powerful vocal recordings, audio interfaces for easy connection to your computer, and speaker stands and corner desks to optimize your workspace.

    We also offer a variety of MIDI controllers, effects pedals, cables and adapters to help you customize your studio setup to your specific needs.

    All of our products are carefully selected from the best brands in the music industry to ensure optimal sound quality and long-term durability.

    With us, you'll find everything you need to create a top-quality professional studio, with exceptional customer service and competitive pricing. We are your one-stop destination for studio accessories.

  • Acoustic Treatment

    Welcome to the Acoustic Studio Treatments category of our online music store! If you are a musician, producer or sound engineer, you know that sound quality is essential for professional recordings. That's why we offer a selection of acoustic treatments for your recording studio.

    In our catalog, you will find a variety of products to improve the acoustics of your studio, such as acoustic panels, bass traps, diffusers, acoustic screens, suspended ceilings and floating floors. We offer quality products from the best brands on the market, to meet all budgets and requirements.

    Acoustic panels are essential for absorbing unwanted sound reflections in your studio. Our panels are available in different sizes, colors and shapes to fit any decorating style.

    Bass traps are devices that help control the low frequencies in your studio. They are especially important for music genres that use deep bass frequencies, such as electronic music or hip-hop.

    Diffusers are used to disperse sound reflections in your studio. They are especially useful for large recording rooms or studios that have hard, reflective surfaces.

    Acoustic screens are portable panels that allow you to create an isolated recording area in your studio. They are ideal for recording voices or acoustic instruments.

    Suspended ceilings and floating floors are acoustic treatments that can isolate your studio from outside noise. They are particularly useful if you work in a noisy environment or if your studio is located in an urban area.

    In short, our Studio Acoustic Treatments category offers a complete range of products to improve the sound quality of your recording studio. Whether you are an amateur musician or a professional, our selection of products will meet all your acoustic needs. Order now and transform your studio into a professional recording space!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 184 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 184 items

Welcome to our STUDIO category on the MusicGoodDeal website, your destination of choice for all your professional recording equipment needs. Whether you're a seasoned producer looking for the latest high-end audio interface, a podcaster in search of a clearer microphone or a musician eager to create your own home studio, you'll find everything you need here to record, mix and master your own tracks.

Browse our wide range of products, meticulously selected to meet your every need. We offer a variety of studio microphones in all shapes and sizes, studio monitors that give you unrivalled sound clarity, headphones for critical listening, audio interfaces to connect your instruments, MIDI controllers for your composition needs and a full range of sound isolation equipment to optimize the sound quality of your recording space.

All our products are carefully selected for their quality, reliability and value. We work closely with leading brands in the music industry to bring you the best equipment available on the market. Whether your budget is limited or unlimited, we have something for you.

In addition to our selection of products, you'll find a wealth of information on our site to help you make the right choice. Detailed buying guides, product reviews and expert advice are all available to ensure you find exactly what you need to succeed in the world of recording and music production.

So don't hesitate, discover our complete range of studio equipment now and start creating the music you've always wanted to produce. With MusicGoodDeal, you're in good hands. Go ahead, bring your musical dreams to life today!

In this category, you can find high-quality studio microphones, audio interfaces to record your instruments and voice, monitor speakers to hear your music with great accuracy, music production software to help you compose and produce your songs, and accessories such as cables, stands and stands for your studio equipment.