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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

At MusicGoodDeal we have created Keyboard Packs to allow beginners and musicians to confirm that they have everything they need to get the most out of their instrument.

Indeed an Adjustable X Stand to allow you to play sitting where standing, also a Headset not to annoy your neighbors :-) and of course a Piano Bench to sit


P-45 YAMAHA its elegant design and piano qualities make the Yamaha P-45 the benchmark for portable digital pianos. Its 88-note Graded Hammer weighted keyboard with matte black keys provides the natural feel of a traditional piano.

NP-12 YAMAHA portable piano is the result of a successful marriage of simplicity and performance.
Featuring a sleek and elegant design, they are now available in matte black or white (on request).

P-125 YAMAHA from the very first notes its "Graded Hammer Standard" keyboard with its matte black keys is a marvel of precision guaranteeing you play comfort and piano quality. The Pure CF sound from the Yamaha concert piano is powerful, rich and subtle. The impressive polyphony of 192 notes allows the interpretation of the most complex works and the Damper Resonance effect (technology developed for Clavinova) brings you even more realism. With 14 internal sounds you can play the piano, the electric piano or the organ. Built-in digital effects, such as Reverb or Chorus, add to the sound for exceptional sound reproduction whether playing solo or in a group. For your entertainment and progress, the P-125 includes, in addition to the metronome, 14 rhythms and 10 accompaniments in "Pianist" mode. Split mode lets you play 2 different instruments like a piano with a double bass. You can also layer 2 sounds to combine, for example, symphonic strings harmoniously with the electric piano. Highly appreciated by teachers, the Duo mode separates the keyboard into two identical parts, ideal for 2-work. If you want to record, the Yamaha P-125 has a 2-track MIDI sequencer. With its USB to host port, you can easily connect to a computer. In order to adapt your game, the transposition and refinement of the chord allow a precise adjustment according to your musical partners. Perfectly amplified, the P-125 is also a stage piano since it has stereo outputs. You can also connect to an iPad to control the "DP controller" application developed by Yamaha. With its optional stand (L85) it can also be equipped with an optional full pedal (LP-5A). Finally the P-125 is available in two different finishes, black or white, to best fit your home.

PSR-E463 YAMAHA a playful and powerful keyboard, ideal for creation.

PSR-E263 YAMAHA Incorporating a wide range of sounds and features, the PSR-E263, with its 61-key keyboard, is the perfect instrument for early budding musicians.