Nux DUOTIME delay pedal dual function & looper


A real effect rack in a period pédaleLe is an effect widely used on stage and in the studio since the 1970s, which strongly took off in the 1980s with the advent of digital. With DuoTime Nux offers stereo delay ultra compact, accessible and very musical, offering five different types of time, ranging from old-school analog delay bucket clamping kind in modern digital delay, through an innovative modulation period and a vintage sound module to warm to cover all your besoins.Une more simplesAvec Duotime the interface, the fundamental objective of Nux is to offer musicians a complete stereo delay pedal while keeping the simplicity inherent in this format. The type of delay can be selected with ease via the dedicated selector 5 positions, while the general level of the pedal can be adjusted v

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- Category: Time & looper- Technology: digital-format: pédale- Inputs: 2 x Jack- Outputs: 2 x Jack- Settings: level, Parameter, Repeat (2x), Time (2x) - Display: Screen OLED- supply: DC 9 V switch 2 switches the presser Dimensions (mm): 105 x 115 x 58- Weight (kg): 440 g- supply included: Non- No. of effects: 5- modeling Number: 5- complementary Specs: - a true stereo delay circuits 2 independent controls 5 + looper- integrated within the iconic engines: • Analog delay: old school kind Bucket Brigade, from 40 to 400 ms • Tap echo sounds warm and vintage-based tape echo RE-201, from 55 to 550 ms • digital delay: based on algorithms for modern digital delay with a touch of warmth, of 80 to 1000 ms • MOD delay: based on the Ibanez DML algorithm, offers a modulation period both amazing and beautiful, to experimental, from 20 to 1500 ms • delay VERB: the algorithm based on the delay / reverb in Atlantic Nux, with a customizable reverb. Offer a 3D type of delay, combining a digital delay in parallel, Plate reverb types, and several Shimmers filters for atmospheric effects. From 80 to 1000 ms.- Controls: Level, time picker, Time 1 and 2 (control the Tap Tempo subdivision) Repeat 1 and 2, parameter- Switches: On / Off (secondary mode: control looper), Tap ( secondary mode: switches BPM / Milliseconds) - sampling frequency: 48 kHz- A / D converters 32 Bit- signal Processing: 32 Bit- frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 1dB- maximum input level: 10 dBu / 2.8Vrms- input impedance: 5 MO - Latency: 1 ms- maximum output level: 10 dBu / 2.8Vrms- output impedance: 1 kO - dynamic range: 102 dBu- supply: 9VDC (negative center feeding ACD-006A sold separately) - Power consumption: less than 150mA