EBS STANLEY-PREAMP acoustic bass preamp stanley clarke 2 channels


Renowned bassist Stanley Clarke continues his collaboration with EBS by unveiling a high-quality acoustic bass preamp, with carefully selected and engineered components and features. This two-channel preamp is designed to provide the best conditions for your acoustic bass, your double bass, with clever and professional features in order to have the best sound reproduction with all types of microphone and to master your musical environment without feedback. This complete preamp can mix its two channels and will be your secret weapon to always have a perfect sound with your acoustic bass, your double bass, or any other acoustic (or electric) instrument in the studio or on stage!

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The Swiss Army Knife for your acoustic bass or double bass !
Stanley Clarke worked with EBS to bring his full experience in acoustic bass and double bass amplification and design a compact and complete preamp covering all the needs of professional musicians. This signature preamp has been developed to bring together all the necessary features, with studio quality and carefully selected components in order to be able to amplify all possible types of microphones, which can be combined within its two channels.

Two channels for the best of both worlds !

The Stanley Clarke Acoustic Preamp is designed around two hyper-complete independent channels, which can also be mixed to mix different sources and microphones. Each channel has a gain, a 3-band equalization with semi-parametric midrange (from 70Hz to 2.5 kHz), as well as an adjustable Hi-Pass or Notch filter to avoid larsens and adapt best to the sound environment. Both channels have jack inputs with an impedance of 10 Mohms to handle both active, passive or piezos microphones.

Channel A can also work with an electret microphone via a switch (5V power under 2mA), and Channel B offers the option of a balanced XLR input with 48V phantom power to use your favorite static microphone. Navigate between the two channels according to your needs, or mix them to mix the best of both worlds ! A phase inverter is operable to obtain the best sound output of the two mixed channels.

Full studio quality features !
In addition to its mixable 2-channel preamp section, The New Stanley Clarke pedal features a complete and clever connectivity to have all the tools needed in the studio as well as on stage. A jack output sends your sound to your amp, A balanced XLR allows you to send your line signal directly to the mixer with the option of a ground Switch and a baffle simulator. An effect loop with a TRS connector (requiring a Y-insert cable) allows you to play on your favorite effects by integrating them with a series or parallel chaining. Finally, the preamp features an auxiliary input as well as a headphone output in mini-jack format to practice your favorite songs in complete silence.

The Stanley Clarke Acoustic Preamp is therefore an ultra-complete and versatile professional tool that will allow you to amplify all your acoustic instruments for an always perfect sound rendering !

- EQ: 3-band equalizer with mid, semi-param

Category: Preamplifier

- Technology: Analog

- Format: Pedal

- Inputs: aux, 2 x jack, XLR

- Outputs: minijack headphone, jack, Tuner, XLR

- Parameters: Volume, gain, filter, treble, bass, mid, mid freq

- Display: Led

- Power supply: DC 9V

- Switch: mute, active channel selector (A / B)

- Dimensions (mm): 168 x 124 x 53

- Weight (kg): 660 g

- True bypass: no

- Power supply included: Yes

- H. P. Simulations: 1

- Number of effects: 1

- Additional specifications: - 2 channel acoustic bass preamp

- Selected components for high studio quality

- A/B or mix a + B channels with switchable phase switch

-Hi-pass or Notch filter per channel to avoid feedback

- 10 Mohms impedance inputs suitable for all types of microphone

- Channel A that accepts electret microphones

- B channel with XLR jack or microphone input + 48V phantom power

- Balanced XLR output with ground Switch and controlled deflector simulator

- Effect loop: - input / output (jack), serial or parallel