ALTO PROFESSIONAL TRUEMIX800FX 8 channels, USB, Bluetooth and FX


8 channels, USB, Bluetooth and FX

Alto Professional's TrueMix 800 FX is a compact, full featured mixer.

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Available from 30 May 2023

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With eight channels based on four mic channels and two stereo channels, combined with a Bluetooth input, USB interface for recording or playback, and an Alesis signature effects module, the TrueMix 800 FX is perfect for home recording projects, livestreamers or podcasters as well as bands.

A complete and versatile mixer.
The most complete model in the TrueMix series, the TrueMix 800 FX provides the essentials for making quality recordings, podcasts, livestreams, or sounding like a live band, all at an affordable price. This model offers eight input channels: four mic channels with an XLR input with phantom power, plus a line input in jack format. These mic channels are backed up by two stereo channels featuring two balanced jack inputs each, perfect for connecting your line-level instruments, such as a digital piano or synthesizer.

Mix efficiently.
Easy to access, the TrueMix 800 FX features similar controls on all channels: a gain, a 2-band EQ to correct low and high frequencies, a send level control to the monitor output, an effect level control on the slice, a pan control to place the sound in space and a level.

A compact but very complete mixer.
On the connections side, this mixer features a jack-format main output, doubled with a jack-format Control Room output to connect your monitor or active speakers. The TrueMix 800 FX features a stereo return to get the signal from an effects processor or a drum machine, complemented by an effect send and a monitor send, perfect for feeding an external effects module and a monitor speaker respectively. To ensure quality monitoring for all the artists or podcasters present, the TrueMix 800 FX provides 4 headphone outputs in jack format, with independent level control.

This rich connectivity is complemented by a 2-Track input/output in Rca format to send music from a smartphone, and send it to an external recorder. This 2-Track output can also be routed to headphones, or to the main output and USB!

USB and Bluetooth.
The TrueMix 800 FX features a Bluetooth channel with dedicated level, to pair a phone and insert sound or a phone call into your mix. Thanks to the built-in Mix-Minus technology, you can send the signal from one of your mic inputs back to the smartphone without the risk of unwanted feedback, by simply turning up the MON Send level of the relevant mic slot.
The TrueMix 800 FX also features a USB interface to connect to a Windows or Mac OS computer, and make direct stereo recordings of your performances. In the other direction, it is also possible to play a content diffused by the computer in the console. Practical for recording and broadcasting your content in livestream or managing your podcasts.

A very complete bank of effects.
To complete an already very rich endowment, the TrueMix 800 FX has a 16-effects module signed Alesis, controllable via a 16-position encoder associated with an EFX Return potentiometer to adjust the global level of effects, and Variation to modulate your effects. In parallel, each channel features an EFX potentiometer, allowing you to determine the effect level that will be applied to the channel.

- Display: Vumeter

- Phantom Power: 48V

- Bluetooth: Yes

- Category: Analog table

- Dimensions (mm): 305 x 238.5 x 79

- EQ: 2-band

- Built-in effects: Yes

- Recording: USB, Rca

- Inputs (others): Rca, aux return 2 x jack

- Line inputs: 4 x balanced jack, 4 x jack

- Mic inputs: 4 x XLR

- No. channels: 8

- No. of auxiliary sends: 1

- No. of mic preamps: 4

- No. of auxiliary returns: 1

- Weight (kg): 2,04 kg

- Outputs (other): USB, control room 2 x balanced jack, stereo effects send 2 x jack, 2 Rca tracks, headphones 4 x jack

- Main outputs: 2 x balanced jack

- Additional specs:

- Bluetooth 5.0 input with dedicated level control and Mix-Minus anti-feedback function

- Built-in Alesis DSP FX multi-effects: 16 effects with EFX Return to Main, Variation (effect modulation), effect send on each channel

- 2-band EQ with monitor send and effect send level control on each channel

- Frequency response: 20 Hz - 22 kHz

- Total harmonic distortion (THD+N): < 0.005% @4 dB, 1 kHz

- Visual indicators: Power LED, 16 LED Master Vumeter, 6 Peak LEDs, Bluetooth LED, +48V Power LED, EFX Mute LED