Allen & Heath Digital Console Qu-16


Consoles - 16 mic inputs rackmount

Developed in the UK at the offices of Allen & Heath, a company specializing in the design of professional mixers, the Qu Series represents the culmination of much thought and experience in the use and design of analog and digital consoles.

Specializing in the design of analog and live-oriented digital mixers for over 50 years, Allen & Heath has concentrated all of its expertise in the Qu Series.

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The live mixing experience by Allen & Heath.
Developed in Cornwall (UK), the Qu has quickly become the professional digital mixing console of choice. And for good reason: in addition to its colossal computing power thanks to 5 parallel processors supporting 10 latest-generation DSPs, the Qu offers its user an unusually efficient interface. With a 5" color touch screen and a dedicated rotary encoder, which give the sound engineer an ultra-fast access to all the settings and parameters, without forgetting the 6 buttons for accessing the sound processing menus, the effects management and the advanced settings controlled by the screen.
An English sounding console par excellence.
The Qu's are equipped with professional AnalogiQ digitally controlled preamps, combined with DSP for optimum gain accuracy and audio transparency. The analog signal is captured and processed by high-quality, low-latency 24-bit analog-to-digital converters, resulting in true transparency and minimal distortion, while maintaining that warm, musical Allen & Heath sound.
Features worthy of the best live consoles.
The Qu incorporates many of the features found on much larger and more expensive professional consoles. Designed as a live console where responsiveness is paramount, the Qu features a scene recall function

- Additional specs :

- 4 stereo effects returns and 4 effects engines

- 4 user keys

- 5" 800 x 480 16 million color touchscreen

- On all inputs: trim, polarity, HPF, gate, insert, 4-band parametric EQ, compressor and delay

- On all outputs: insert, 1/3 octave graphic equalizer, compressor and delay on Main LR and Mono Mix output

- On all stereo outputs: Insert, 4-band parametric EQ, compressor and delay

- Preamps: High-quality 24-bit AnalogiQ with ultra-low latency for extremely low distortion

- 4 stereo effects engines, bank of effects derived from iLive professional effects

- Qu-Drive: record and playback of all 18 tracks and stereo tracks directly from a USB stick or external hard drive

- 24 x 22 USB audio streaming: up to 24 selectable tracks can be streamed to a PC or Mac. PC or Mac returns can be assigned to input channels.

- Plug & play on Mac, MDM and ASIO drivers for Windows

- Midi controller for DAW software via USB interface

- Audio offset for dSnake remote control via Cat5e cable for connection to an AB168, AR2412 or AR84 audiorack

- 16-slot automatic microphone mixer

- Compatible with the ME personal monitoring system: connect via the dSnake port on the console or an AR2412 audiorack

- Qu-Pad application: remote control with an iPad via wifi (wifi router not included)

- Qu-You application: personal feedback on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

- Qu-Control app: user-customizable wireless control interface on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch - save up to 100 scenes with channel settings and mixes, while repositioning the motorized faders To record without constraint, the Qu is equipped with a multi-track recorder on USB support supporting 18 channels at 48 kHz, with 24-bit definition. Another key feature rarely found on models of this price: the ability to apply a delay to the mix outputs to correct for distance between speakers on a stage, or for returns. It is also perfect for conferences thanks to its automatic microphone mixer capable of managing 16 channels simultaneously.
An incomparably rich digital environment.
Much more than a simple mixing console, the Qu series is part of a complete ecosystem of applications and products, an ecosystem that brings together a series of digital stageboxes that allow the console's inputs and outputs to be deployed where they are needed, a state-of-the-art personal monitoring system, an iPad application for complete remote control of the console via wifi, as well as iPhone and Android applications Qu-You and Qu-Control. These apps require an optional router to interact with the console. The Qu's are also ready to be used directly on a Windows and Mac DAW configuration.