NUX MIGHTY-SPACE Compact amplifiers - Compact 30W Bluetooth stereo + 2.4 GHz transmitter


Compact Amplifiers - Compact Stereo 30W Bluetooth + 2.4 GHz Transmitter

Mighty Space: the mobile and connected gaming with freedom!

Here is the ultimate concentrate of NUX's Mighty modeling technology: the Mighty Space! The quality of the amp and effect simulations of the realistic TS/AC-HD algorithm is no longer in question.

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And this new top-of-the-line portable amp incorporates all the latest developments and modern features. The Mighty Space is a 30 watt stereo desktop amp with modeling capabilities, running on rechargeable batteries! The sound is diffused via 2 coaxial 4 inch speakers, associated with a port for bass, producing a balanced and impressive stereo sound quality for this compact chassis! But if you want to project the sound even further, a speaker output (4 to 16 ohms) is provided to connect to a 4x12 speaker if you wish. Just think, the possibility of a half stack on battery to project the sound of your favorite presets even louder on stage if needed. So the Mighty Space isn't just for practicing in your office!
In addition to this nomadic power advantage featuring 7 hours of play time, the amp is paired with a B5-RC wifi transmitter (included) to play from a distance of about 10m, without a jack cable for an even freer experience. The connection via a traditional jack is still possible, however, and the jack allows you to charge the wifi transmitter. Continuing with the wireless features, the built-in Bluetooth allows for easy and detailed management of the audio stream and presets/models via the Mighty Amp™ mobile app and all its packaged features.

Ultra-modern versatility and studio-quality modeling!

The Mighty Space compiles all known amp, cabinet, and effects modeling developed for the Mighty series: that's 21 amps, 34 IRs, 43 effects, for guitar and bass. Each preset has 10 modular effect blocks that can be arranged in any order to define the order of the effects and to set the volume of the preset. A total of 7 presets can be set, saved, and shared. And the "Active" function allows the selection of favorite presets to be narrowed down to your liking. All of this is controllable via the free Mighty Amp™ mobile app (Android/iOS). So the sonic possibilities are endless with studio quality and a direct, natural playing feel thanks to the latency of only 1.2 ms.
Connected via USB, the Mighty Space offers the benefits of a true audio interface to easily record, stream, or re-amp you. The Mighty Editor™ software (PC/Mac) also allows you to control and save your presets, as well as integrate third-party IR (impulse response), with automatic WAV formatting. Finally, the Drum & Loop function offers a looper and drum machine function that can be configured via the Mighty application, and the possibility to also practice on backingtracks by music styles, artist backingtracks, or your own backingtracks where you can indicate events that allow for the automatic change of presets as the backingtrack plays. Really practical, especially with the footswith NMP-2 provided to control the drum & loop by foot (or scrolling presets depending on the footswitch connection provided).
A real concentrate of clever technology, the Nux Mighty Space frees you from the constraints of power supply and jack cable and gives access to a world of flexible sounds and mind-blowing performances!

- Effects Loop: No

- Category: Guitar Combo

- Footswitch Connection: Yes

- Diameter h-p: 2 x 4"

- Dimensions (mm): 363 x 171 x 171

- EQ: 3-band + presence

- Inputs: aux minijack, instrument jack

- Finish: Black

- No. of effects: 42

- Pedalboard included: Yes

- Weight (kg): 4 kg

- Headphone jack: Mini jack

- Power: 30 W

- External baffle output: Yes

- Outputs: Stereo minijack headphones

- Technology: Modeling

- Complementary Specs:

- Compact stereo amp with modeling (on battery): FX + IR + drum/looper + bluetooth + wireless transmitter

- Speakers: 2 x 4" coaxial + vent

- Amp / cabinet / effects modeling for electric guitars and basses

- TS/AC-HD amp and effects modeling algorithm with realistic and natural rendering

- Electric guitar: 16 amp models, 24 speaker IRs

- Bass: 3 amp models, 7 speaker IRs

- Acoustic guitar: 2 amp models

- 43 effects and 3 acoustic guitar IR models

- 7 presets with Active functions

- Effect blocks: Comp, EFX, Amp, IR, EQ, MOD, Delay, Reverb that can be freely arranged

- Built-in noise gate

- Stereo delay and reverb effects

- Metronome and drum machine function + backtracking functions via Mighty Amp™ app

- Adjustments: gain, volume, bass, middle, treble, presence, reverb, master volume

- USB-C port for audio interface, editing software, firmware update

- Bluetooth 5.2 two modes: audio transmission and App

- Free Mighty Amp™ mobile/tablet app (for Android/iOS)

- Mighty Editor™ PC app for parameter control and preset editing and IR loader

- Sampling rate: 48 kHz, 32 bit

- Impulse response (IR): 512-sample resolution

- 34 high-quality built-in IRs and 20 third-party slots (auto WAV formatting)

- Ultra-low system latency of 1.2 milliseconds

- Rechargeable li-ion battery (11.1V / 5000 mAh)

- Power supply: DC 15V 2.5A (included)

- Battery life: 7h play time

- Comes with B5-RC wireless transmitter + NMP-2 Lite footswitch + cables + strap