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Club Consoles - Xone:92 Limited Edition

The brand's iconic DJ mixing console since the early 2000s, the Xone:92 has earned its credentials on electro scenes the world over.

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This limited edition of only 920 units worldwide, celebrating the console's 20th anniversary, is an ode to the very first Xone:92, with its retro silver finish and distinctive silk-screen printing. Combining classic styling with modernized features, this Xone:92 Limited Edition is a unique collector's item, delivered with exclusive content for afficionados of fine DJ gear, eager to keep a piece of history at home.

A 20th Anniversary limited edition.
Made in just 920 units, the Xone:92 Limited Edition is a tribute to the early series, with a reworked version of the highly sought-after silver front panel and its colorful silkscreen. Under the hood, a revamped RIAA preamplifier brings unprecedented detail to your vinyl playback, a custom mini innoFADER® Pro ensures a smooth mixing experience, and the original filter circuit has been refined to improve control while retaining all of its legendary character.

The box contains a unique 12-inch artwork by The Worxlab and a matching "dog tag" keyring, both bearing the mixer's serial number, making the Xone:92 Limited Edition the ultimate collector's item for analog aficionados and vinyl-loving DJs.

Preamps optimized for electronic music.
The Xone:92 Limited Edition's phono preamps have been painstakingly fine-tuned to get the most out of your turntables and vinyl. Taking the original preamp circuit as a starting point, the Xone team spent countless hours testing numerous modifications. Throughout this process, continuous listening tests were carried out to identify the optimum RIAA curve for electronic music, allowing each melody to be sculpted with surgical precision.

In addition, the addition of Line/Phono source matching ensures a smoother mixing experience for DJs who combine vinyl and digital sources in their sets.

An even more intuitive legendary filter.
The Xone:92's VCF - for Voltage Controlled Filter - revolutionized the world of mixing when it was released in 2004. Twenty years on, it remains an essential reference, and the limited edition brings playability enhancements for easier control.

Fine-tuned frequency control, an optimized attenuation curve, and enriched resonance offer an infinite expressive palette. Silent filter switching preserves the integrity of your sound creations, while redesigned ergonomics sublimate the experience of every user.

Classic styling, modern features.
The limited edition pays homage to the first Xone:92 series with a delightfully retro-style silver front panel, recalling the much-loved finish of the early 2000s. The Xone design team meticulously compared the color of the limited edition to that of an early Xone:92, achieving a perfect match for the front panel color.
The silkscreen has been redesigned to improve the legibility of the main controls, while recessed Filter and XFade switches further improve mixing ergonomics compared to the original design. The crossfader has been replaced by the DJ-popular innoFADER Pro® mini, and set to match the Xone:92's original fader curve, offering a smooth mixing experience.

A piece of history.

Each Xone:92 Limited Edition is much more than just a mixer: it's a unique collector's item. The rear of each console features an exclusive engraved plaque, featuring the Xone's unique, sequential serial number. The box also contains a matching engraved "dog tag" keyring, machined with the mixer's unique serial number.
Inside the box is also an exclusive art print by The Worxlab. In 12-inch square format, it's printed on premium acid-free archival paper using professional pigment ink, hand-signed and numbered with the mixer's serial number by Mark Settle, artist and founder of DJWORX and SKRATCHWORX. A hand-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by The Worxlab is included with this exclusive print.

- Category: DJ mixer

- Color: Grey

- Fader travel : 60 mm

- Dimensions (mm): 376 x 320 x 106

- EQ: 4-band

- Insert: Yes

- Number of channels: 6

- Weight (kg): 7 kg

- Rackable: Yes

- Additional specs:

- Xone:92 Limited Edition limited to 920 worldwide

- Analog mixing console

- Channels: 6 + 2

- 4-band equalization (channels 1-4, Mic/Return 1-2)

- Booth: Stereo, Mono, Mute, Level

- Phono inputs: 4 Rca (channels 1-4)

- Stereo line inputs: 4 Rca (channels 1-4), 2 TRS jacks (return 1-2, mono/stereo)

- Mic inputs: 2 XLR (Mic 1-2)

- Mix outputs: 1 XLR, 1 TRS jack

- Booth output: TRS jack

- Record output: 1 Rca

- Stereo I/O Send/Return: 4 TRS jacks (Aux 1-2 mono/stereo, Return 1-2 mono/stereo)

- Auxiliary sends: 2 for channels 1-4, 1 for Mic/Return 1, 1 for Mic/Return 2 (with pre/post selection)

- Filters: 2 stereo analog VCF (Voltage Controlled Filters) filters

- Filter controls: HPF/BPF/LPF selectors, On/Off, FREQ / RES / LFO settings, assignment on channels 1-4 via silent switches

- Faders: 60 mm voltage-controlled linear amps on channels 1-4

- Fader response curve: global 3-way switch

- Crossfader: Mini InnoFADER Pro standard, 45 mm linear VCA, replaceable

- Crossfader curve adjustment: rotary, from smooth transition to fast cut

- MIDI assignment: MIDI CC, MIDI note On/Off

- MIDI output: 1 MIDI DIN 5-pin

- Power supply: internal block with automatic mains input detection, 100 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz with On/Off switch

- Maximum power consumption: 30W

- Chassis: steel

- Silver-tone front panel identical to early Xone 92s

- Unique serial number plate, with engraved serial number

- Exclusive art print numbered and signed by Mark Settle, of The Worxlab

- Dog Tag-style keyring featuring the mixer's machined serial number

- Supplied with its racking brackets