NUMARK MIXSTREAM-PRO-GO 2-way standalone, streaming, HP, battery


2-channel standalone, streaming, HP, battery

Mix independently and anywhere you want with the Numark Mixstream Pro Go.

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This standalone two-channel DJ system features built-in WiFi to connect to the many streaming services available, including Amazon Music Unlimited, in addition to support for external USB and SD storage devices for your tracks. The Mixstream Pro Go additionally embeds a rechargeable battery providing up to 5 hours of battery life, for mixing on the go with complete freedom.

Set the mood in

any freedom!
From your bedroom to the

beach, from the studio to your patio party, the Mixstream Pro Go is always

ready to go with you, no matter where your quest for excitement

carries you. With a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to 5 hours

of battery life, on-board speakers, WiFi connectivity, slots

for SD cards and USB devices, and a full DJ interface, the

Mixstream Pro Go is the perfect 100% standalone DJ controller for all DJs

on the go. Don't stay confined to your studio or bedroom, share

now your DJ skills anywhere, without constraints!

Millions of tracks at your fingertips.
The Mixstream Pro Go brings you the benefits of a wide range of popular streaming services, such as Amazon Music Unlimited, and gives you unlimited access to over 100 million tracks in all genres. With this unprecedented access to millions of songs, you don't need to have an extensive music library to get started on a party or set: simply connect the Mixstream Pro Go to a WiFi network, choose your streaming service and go! The Mixstream Pro performs on-the-fly song analysis seamlessly, leaving you to focus on song selection and your set. Songs are analyzed for rhythm and pitch and saved to internal memory, ensuring uninterrupted playback and perfect performances.

Unparalleled control over your creativity.
The Mixstream Pro Go features an intuitive interface centered around the 7-inch high-definition touchscreen, perfect for quickly browsing your library, loading songs, and interacting with your music with fluidity. Finally unleash all of your DJ abilities with the comprehensive EQ and effects section, designed to ensure the ultimate mix.

The 4 built-in effects (Echo, Flanger, Delay and Phaser), synchronized to the beat of the songs, can be directly triggered via the two two-position performance levers. And let's not forget the large filter knobs for direct control over high and low frequencies, which add a touch of spice to your mixes and transitions! DJs who want to scratch will be pleased to discover the Smart Scratch function, ideal for scratching in rhythm without interrupting the song. The 8 dual-layer performance pads allow you to interact with the 4 available performance modes (Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll), offering unlimited live mixing possibilities and ultimate creative freedom.

Integrated speakers for total immersion.
The Mixstream Pro Go's integrated speakers make it a completely self-contained system that's immediately operational. Specifically designed for the Mixstream Pro Go, these volume-adjustable speakers produce a rich, full sound and are the perfect solution for mixing with complete freedom. For the more active DJ, the built-in speakers are the most convenient solution for practice, livestreaming, video content production or as personal monitors when the Mixstream is connected to a larger sound system.
Turn your home into a nightclub.
For home party lovers, the Mixstream Pro Go allows you to tap into your Phillips Hue or Nanoleaf smart home light system to create beat-synced lighting moods in moments and without the need for a single cable! Once connected, your Phillips Hue or Nanoleaf lighting system will instantly launch a fully automatic light show, with color and intensity variations synchronized to the beat of your song. The comprehensive Lighting app built into the Mixstream Pro Go allows you to take control of the light show and manually control the color change, trigger the strobe effect or a fade to black in a flash.
Mix the way you want to.
In addition to the self-contained mixing capabilities with Engine DJ OS, the Mixstream Pro Go can be used as a controller for DJ software, such as Serato DJ or Virtual DJ (Serato DJ Lite supported free of charge, paid license required for Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ). In Computer mode, the Mixstream Pro Go's touchscreen allows for control of library navigation, song selection, effects control and more. This incredible flexibility, combined with the freedom offered by the drum kit, opens up whole new mixing possibilities.