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Ed Sheeran X Signature

The Sheeran Looper X is the ultimate looping workstation for songwriters and live performers alike! Designed by Ed Sheeran and his production team for artists taking on the most demanding tours, this looper takes Ed Sheeran's multi-track looper workflow to the next level.

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With 8 sturdy aluminum multi-function pedals, an intuitive 7" touchscreen with RGB LED visual feedback, integrated premium multi-effects and a host of creative tools, the Sheeran Looper X packs the quintessential Ed Sheeran creative experience into a single workstation.

Create without limits.
A true professional looping workstation developed in close collaboration with the artist, the Sheeran Looper X and its powerful DSP developed in partnership with HeadRush lets you record up to four stereo loop tracks simultaneously on one session, with no loop length limit! With built-in memory for up to 7 hours of recording, and USB and SD ports for ten times the storage capacity, your creativity will never be limited. And to keep the beat no matter what, Looper X incorporates cutting-edge algorithmic features, such as tap-tempo combined with intelligent time-stretching or automatic tempo detection of your live loops.

Looping modes to suit all your needs.
Thoughtfully designed to adapt to your needs, Looper X incorporates 5 performance modes to stimulate your inspiration:

  • Multi mode: 4 tracks of determined length to build entire songs, similar to the workflow employed by Ed Sheeran on stage.
  • Sync mode: 4 tracks of identical or different lengths synchronizing automatically, ideal for creating dynamic arrangements on the fly.
  • Song mode: 4 tracks of identical or different lengths that function as independent sections of a song (verse, chorus, etc.).
  • Band mode: 1 main track (e.g. percussion) + 3 tracks of identical or different lengths that function as independent song sections (verse, chorus, etc.) with the main track
  • Band mode: 1 main track (e.g. percussion) + 3 tracks of identical or different lengths that function as independent song sections (verse, chorus, etc.).) with the main track
  • Free mode: 4 unsynchronized tracks with no rules, ideal for experimentation!
Take control of your performance with ease.
With Looper X, forget the complexity of older loopers and stay focused on your playing thanks to its intuitive, modern, smartphone-like interface. Centered on a 7-inch multitouch screen, this clear interface lets you explore the looping functions and advanced settings offered by Looper X in a flash, or rename your tracks in moments. The audio mixer and effects editor, meanwhile, respond to your fingertips as you drag and drop to modify your parameters with speed and precision. To top it all off, Looper X gives you physical control over key parameters, such as input and output volume, for a perfect mix in the twinkling of an eye.

Liberate your creativity with HeadRush's signature professional effects engine.
Looper X's powerful integrated HeadRush® effects engine lets you enrich and reinvent your loops like no other looper. Choose from any of the 150 presets programmed into the 9 multi-effects specially designed for voice, guitar, keyboards and percussion. You can also customize your own effects by selecting from 26 types of effects pedal: warm up the atmosphere with saturation, chorus and guitar amp presets, or energize drums and keyboards with compression and EQ. Make your vocals sparkle with reverb and delay, add a modern touch with auto-tune and auto-harmony, or transport your loops to a new dimension with lo-fi and rhythmic effects like slicer and pumper.
Extensive connectivity to meet all your needs.
The Looper X features a wide range of connections to suit any situation you may encounter. Rear inputs/outputs combine exceptional audio quality with unprecedented flexibility, allowing the Looper X to integrate easily into your stage or studio setup. There are 4 XLR/jack combo inputs with switchable 48V power supply for dynamic and condenser microphones, and a minijack auxiliary input. On the output side, the 2 main XLR outputs are complemented by 2 6.35 mm jack outputs, all configurable via the internal audio routing matrix, and a headphone output. For easy control of various functions and effects, a dedicated TRS jack lets you connect an expression pedal.
This professional looper also features a 5-pin MIDI input and output for MIDI synchronization and external control of customizable functions, USB-A and SD ports for storage, and an integrated USB audio interface for recording or streaming your loops directly to your Mac or PC.

- Display: 7 "touchscreen

- Power: 19 V adapter

- Power included: Yes

- Category: Looper

- Color: Black

- Dimensions (mm): 552 x 320 x 101

- Format: Pedalboard

- Number of effects: 35

- Expression pedal: No

- Weight (kg): 7.30 kg

- Technology: Digital

- Additional specs:

- Experience Ed Sheeran's multi-track workflow with the Sheeran Looper X

- 5 intuitive loop modes: Multi, Sync, Song, Band, Free

- A customizable workflow to meet all your expectations

- Quad-Core HeadRush processor

- 32-bit floating, 24-bit/48 kHz audio processing

- 8 high-quality cast aluminum pedals, identical to those on Ed Sheeran's looper

- 7" multitouch screen with real-time indications and waveform display

- 360° navigation encoder with RGB LED loop status indication system

- 4 potentiometers for input gain adjustment

- Looping capability: up to 4 tracks

- Loop length: unlimited

- Number of overdub layers per loop: 99 layers with Peel function, unlimited bouncing

- Maximum overdub duration per loop: unlimited

- Undo, Peel, Reverse, Fade, Transpose, Multiply/Divide Length and Speed on the Fly functions

- Automatic loop tempo detection and intelligent Time-Stretch maintain tone during tempo changes, without artifacts.

- 26 individual effects and 9 different multi-effect racks with 159 different presets for guitar, voice or percussion, including automatic voice correction and auto-harmony

- Chromatic tuner, tap tempo and click track

- Multitouch audio mixer with fully customizable I/O routing

- Over 300 built-in drum and percussion loops

- Audio inputs: 4 XLR/jack combo with switchable +48V power, 1 minijack auxiliary

- Control ports: 1 6.35 mm jack expression pedal input, MIDI I/O and USB-A

- Outputs: main 2 XLR and 2 6.35 mm jack, 6.35 mm jack headphones

- Storage: up to 7h recording on on-board memory, loop import/export via SD card or USB port

- USB 2x2 audio interface (24 bit/de 44.1 to 96 kHz) record live to Mac or PC

- Steel chassis with matte black finish