NUX MG400 4 switches, 2.8" color LCD, expression pedal


4 switches, 2.8" color LCD, expression pedal

Just like its little brother the MG300, the MG400 multi-effects pedalboard has the philosophy of offering the best current modeling technology at a very affordable price! This even more complete and advanced pedalboard offers more power (2 DSP), possibilities and flexibility, approaching its big cousin the MG30. Modern and demanding guitarists looking for this ideal compromise will literally be inspired and bluffed by its performance for its unbeatable price!

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MG400: more powerful and versatile than its little brother!
After the success of the MG300, Nux proposes a more evolved, powerful and ergonomic version with the MG400! More power first of all, with two integrated DSP. This allows to push even further the possibilities of sounds and chaining of the renowned technologies TSAC-HD (True Simulation for Analog Circuit) and White-Box, like the big cousin the MG30. With ultra-low latency (1.1ms), these sophisticated algorithms recreate and model the analog sounds and interactions of physical components to deliver a natural, dynamic and inspiring sound and feel!

The MG400 provides a wide variety of well known amp and effect pedal models. No less than 30 legendary guitar, bass and acoustic amps can sculpt your presets and customize them at will. The numerous impulse responses (IR) on board also cover these 3 instruments with the possibility to choose between 4 microphones and 3 placement positions in addition to the selected cabinet. Also, the MG400 allows you to upload your own IR! The effects are also counted by dozens with compressors, overdrives, distortions, modulations, delays, reverbs... that you can put in the order you want. Because yes, the MG400 does the same as the MG30, and allows total flexibility of the 10 effects blocks to organize your sound signal chain as you wish. This condensed technology puts an infinite number of flexible sounds within your reach, with studio quality!

A more complete and ergonomic format.
Designed in a contained format, this revolutionary multi-effect will allow you to control and enjoy all your presets thanks to its 4 footswitches, its ergonomics, and its clear and readable 2.8-inch color LCD screen. An expression pedal can control different parameters, and a built-in tuner allows you to be always quickly well tuned.

As for the presets, the scene mode brings even more flexibility to each preset, as you can define 3 different scenes in a preset, to activate / deactivate the effect blocks in order to go from a clear rhythmic sound to a saturated solo sound with the same chain of blocks defined in your preset. Also each preset now has its own volume control. All these possibilities are multiplied with the use of the free Nux QuickTone™ software with which you can easily modify the parameters of your sound with precision. This simple and clear software allows you to download presets/patches, load third-party IRs (impulse responses) and even configure USB audio stream routing. Quick Tone™ is an interactive editing software, as you edit the knobs you will see your changes in real time. A true USB sound interface, the MG400 is ideal for recording, streaming easily, and even being able to re-amp your recordings.

Finally, the Jam mode integrates a drum machine and a looper to allow you to practice, play and create your loops on more than 50 different rhythms with a synchronization of your loops on the rhythm (quantification). If you're looking for the most advanced and complete multi-effect of the moment, and with an affordable price for the possibilities and the quality of the sounds provided, then don't hesitate any longer and let the MG400 tempt you!

- Display: Lcd screen

- Power supply: DC 9 V

- Power supply included: Yes

- Category: Multi-effects

- Switch: 4 foot switches

- Dimensions (mm): 289 x 160 x 71

- Simultaneous effects: 10

- Inputs: Instrument jack, Auxiliary mini jack

- Format: Pedalboard

- Expression pedal: Yes

- Weight (kg): 920 g

- Outputs: Minijack headphones, 2 x jack

- Technology: Digital

- Additional specs:

- Ultra versatile multi-effect: 4 switches, 2.8" LCD color display, expression pedal

- Sophisticated TSAC-HD / White-Box modeling technology

- Recreates analog component tones and interactions

- Modulatable signal chain consisting of 10 independent blocks (Comp, EFX, Amp, IR, EQ, Mod, Delay, Reverb..)

- 30 amps: 25 guitars, 1 bass, 1 acoustic

- 36 cabinets (IR): 25 guitars, 8 bass, 3 acoustic, 4 microphones (3 positions)

- 15 overdrives/distorsions, 3 compressors, 2 EQs, 1 Noise Gate, 1 Wah

- 14 modulations, 7 delays, 6 reverbs

- IR 512 downloadable third-party samples, with USER block available in each patch

- QuickTone™ editing software to refine in real time, save and import/export your presets

- Rhythm box: 56 rhythms, 8 styles, 7 metronome sounds

- Looper: 60 sec loops, sync with drum machine

- Built-in tuner

- 5 output modes: guitar stack, loop stack, guitar combo, loop combo, direct

- Scene mode: 3 scenes per preset, enabling/disabling desired blocks

- USB Loopback audio routing to make livestreams

- 2 control footswitches, 2 Up/Down navigation footswitches

- Display: 2.8" color LCD display

- Signal processing: 48 kHz, 32 bit

- Latency: ultra-low 1.1 ms

- USB C port (cable included): editing via QuickTone™, recording, re-amp, stream and update