HEADRUSH PRIME 12 switches, 7" touch, expression pedal


12 switches, 7" touch, expression pedal

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The Prime is a powerful and intuitive effects processor, catering to guitarists with its wide selection of built-in amps, cabinets and effects and many stunning new features, such as the amp cloner or direct Wi-Fi connection to the HeadRush Cloud, but also to singers with the many built-in vocal processing effects, including the famous Auto-Tune tone corrector by Antares.

An all-in-one processor for singers and guitarists.
Creator of the famous Pedalboard, Gigboard and MX5 dedicated to guitarists and bassists, HeadRush benefits from a solid experience in the field of effects processors. With this solid experience, the brand is back on the scene with a processor designed for guitarists and singers: the PRIME. Designed around a powerful multi-core processor, the Prime packs an impressive collection of guitar amps, speakers, mics, and effects, complemented by a wide selection of vocal effects, including Antares' Auto-Tune.

Find your ideal sound in just a few steps.
With HeadRush Prime, everything is designed to make creating your sound fast and easy with the high-resolution 7-inch touchscreen, coupled with an intuitive user interface that is completely musician-centric. It allows you to create and edit your guitar, bass or vocal rigs with the touch of a fingertip, with precision and speed. Designed for singers and guitarists, the Prime is capable of offering up to 14 effect slots on one signal path, or two separate paths of 7 slots each: one for vocal processing, and a second for guitar processing for example.

Clone your favorite amps and pedals.
The HeadRush Prime incorporates state-of-the-art cloning technology that allows you to expand your amp and effects library with physical gear. This HeadRush Amp Cloner accurately captures the sound, dynamics and, most importantly, the character of your favorite amps, preamps, overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals. Using the cloner is a simple matter of connecting your target gear to HeadRush Prime and following the instructions on the touchscreen.

An ultra-connected effects processor.
To expand your amp library with new amp and effects clones and share your rigs with the world, your HeadRush Prime incorporates a Wi-Fi module offering direct access to the free HeadRush Cloud service via the touchscreen. Via this service, users can quickly search and filter the most downloaded and liked rigs, or search for new rigs by style.

Learn your tunes with the built-in practice tool!
The HeadRush Prime is the world's first effects processor to be able to load tunes directly from DropBox via Wi-Fi so you can practice or learn tunes faster. Once the song is loaded, you can create loops, slow down the trickiest sections or change the pitch by semitones to learn songs in new keys! The Prime can also connect to and play audio files from a Bluetooth mobile device, allowing you to tap into digital streaming and lesson services.

A full-featured, high-performance looper.
The HeadRush Prime features a powerful built-in looper that you can use to layer passages during your performances or as a songwriting tool when inspiration strikes. Each loop is up to 5 minutes long and can contain up to 20 minutes of layered audio at a time! When you're done, you can record your loops in WAV format and export them to your Mac/PC via USB for sharing.

A built-in USB audio interface for recording and reamping.
The HeadRush Prime's USB connection opens the doors to recording or reamping directly on your computer. When HeadRush Prime is connected to your computer, you can use it as a 24-bit 96 kHz audio interface! A true studio secret weapon, reamping allows you to add the sonic coloration of an amp to a pre-recorded audio signal - in this case, by sending audio from your DAW to the Prime and then recording it into your DAW.

- Display: 7" touchscreen, monochrome OLED displays

- Power supply: 100 - 240 V AC - 50/60 Hz

- Power supply included: Yes

- Category: Modeling Processor

- Switches: 12 assignable footswitches

- Dimensions (mm): 610 x 305 x 89 mm

- Simultaneous effects: 14

- Inputs: Midi, Expression pedal, Instrument jack, Auxiliary mini jack, FX Loop return, XLR/jack combo mic, Expression pedal switch (Toe)

- Format: Pedalboard

- No. of presets: 270

- Expression pedal: Yes

- Weight (kg): 7.30 kg

- Settings: volume, data encoder - navigation, aux level, headphone level

- Outputs: Minijack headphones, Midi, 2 x jack, 2 x XLR, external amp, FX Loop Send

- Technology: Digital

- True bypass: No

- Additional specs:

- Professional amp and effects processor for guitar, bass and vocals

- Multi-core DSP system specifically designed for the Prime, offering smooth transitions between presets

- High-resolution 7-inch touchscreen with intuitive user interface

- An impressive collection of amps, effects, mics, speakers and ever-changing impulse responses for guitar

- Built-in vocal effects processor, including Antares Auto-Tune and many other vocal processing effects

- Up to 14 available slots for your amps and effects on the signal chain

- Signal chain separation possible: one channel for vocals with 7 blocks available, one channel for guitar with 7 blocks available, or two separate channels for guitar for example

- Built-in intuitive OD/DIST/FUZZ type amp and effects cloner

- Built-in Wi-Fi module to access the free HeadRush Cloud service: share and download new rigs and amp/FX clones from other musicians around the world.

- Bluetooth link to stream music via Prime and work on your tunes.

- Large expression pedal with A/B bank switch.

- Controls: master volume, headphone volume, auxiliary volume, navigation/data encoder, settings encoder

- USB ports: 1 USB-A for importing/exporting files to USB media, 1 USB-B for linking to a computer and using in audio interface mode