Korg analog synthesizer volca-nubass

Korg completes Volca series with Nubass, an analog bass synthesizer incorporating a latest-generation lamp oscillator

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Available from 06 September 2019

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Although today digital technologies can simulate any sound imaginable, the heat of an analog tube sound passing through a distortion remains incomparable.

The Volca Nubass is the first analog synthesizer equipped with new generation Nutube lamps in its oscillator. The combination of lamps and analog brings warmth, thickness and richness to the sound. The presence of a transistor filter "ladder" and a powerful distortion impose this low analog synthesizer as a new reference.

The Nutube technology of the lamp oscillator

The Nutube incorporates two triode lamps; one is used in the oscillator to generate a sawtooth wave or a square wave, the other triode is used in the sub-oscillator control circuit, adding depth and heat to a octave below the oscillator. This combination offers a circuit structure that highlights the harmonic character that only lamp technologies can bring.

 The unique sound of the low-pass transistor filter

The low-pass filter represents the sound signature of this bass synthesizer. It uses the principle of transistor filter "ladder" found on the original analog synthesizers bass. This filter has a unique dynamic going well beyond a simple dark or clear contrast. The range of sound possibilities is perfectly adapted to Dance music and allows you to create modulations that are found in Acid House music, or to increase the resonance for a more techno-oriented sound.

 The analog circuit

The Nubass Volca is equipped with an overdrive using an analog circuit reminiscent of a classic pedal. Turning the knob to the right compresses the volume while creating a distortion that adds depth to the bass sound. The knob also lets you manage the brightness of the sound and the high frequencies.

 A 16-step sequencer to automate parameters

The Nubass Volca is equipped with a 16 step sequencer, using it in conjunction with a drum machine, you can build and synchronize rhythm tracks with musical sequences.

You can use the 16 sequencer keys just like any other Volca in the series, or play keys like on a keyboard for real-time recording. The Chain function allows you to link several sequences successively, to obtain up to 16 loops of sequences.

The Motion Sequence function allows you to record the movement of the buttons, directly applying the parameter changes to the sound directly. It is very useful when creating loops, or live and dynamic live performances. You can assemble up to 16 sequences and save them in the internal memory.

 3 functions to create grooves on the Nubass Volca

Transpose allows you to play a note up to two octaves higher. This function adds movement to the bass line while remaining in the original range.

Accent adds emphasis to the note, creating dynamics that add expression to rhythm.

The Slide function, essential for Acid sounds, allows you to slide from one note to another with a smooth transition.

 Excellent gameplay

Thanks to the connections of Volca Nubass, associate it with other Volca or other Korg equipment such as electribe, analog synthesizers, or SQ-1. It also has a standard MIDI IN connector that allows you to use the Volca Nubass with your favorite composition software.

Beyond its connections multiplying the possibilities offered by the Volca Nubass, its compact size and battery operation can take it everywhere with you to create without limits.

 Many free software

The Nubass Volca is accompanied by a wide variety of software to compose, masterize, or add new sounds to your compositions.